Bison Battle

Bison Battle is a new slot for 2022 from legendary developer Push Gaming. It should now be available at all the top UK slot sites we recommend. Bison Battle features, of course, the famous North American cattle animal the Bison. Bison were nearly hunted to extinction in the 1800s. However, they’re back now in real life — and in slots games too! Read on to find everything out about this exciting American West themed slot, including top tips to get the biggest wins and the full Bison Battle slot RTP!

A classic five by four slot game with 20 paylines, Bison Battle has a cool Bison Battling mechanic. This sees the two scatter symbols, the Red and Blue bison, move towards each other across the reels in a mighty clash of heads. What prizes will their journey unlock? Well to start there’s two different bonus rounds – the Ice Park and the Green Valley features. For the rest? Keep reading our Bison Battle slot review, where you’ll see just what’s needed to hit to see the maximum 50,000x prize potential out of this Western plains adventure.

  • Slot name: Bison Battle
  • Developer: Push Gaming
  • Released: January 2022
  • RTP: 96.40%
  • Jackpot/maximum win: 50,000x
Bison Battle Slot Review

Where Can I Play Bison Battle Slot?

Bison Battle slot Technical Features

Bison Battle is a fixed 5×4 20 payline slot. That’s a typical online slot design, meaning even newer slots players should be familiar with what’s going on here. However, that doesn’t mean Bison Battle is boring! The instant prizes are worthwhile and offer decent returns. Plus the Red and Blue bison-powered bonus rounds are unique and exciting to see. They include locked wilds and respin multipliers, which can lead to some roaring value prizes indeed! You can even buy into the bonus round for a sneaky look, if you’re playing from outside the UK.

One cool thing for UK players, about Push Gaming slots like Bison Battle, is the minimum bet of just £0.10. Many developers start at £0.20, so £0.10 is always nice to see for lower budget players. With that minimum bet you could potentially see a return of £5000 on a maximum win! That’s probably tastier than a Buffalo steak – what do you reckon? That massive prize potential is mostly locked up in the multiplying, Wild locking bonus round however. That makes this a high variance slot, with a few massive wins for some lucky players.

  • Eagles = 50x for a five line
  • Bears = 15x max
  • Wolves = 12.5x max
  • Wild Bison, which swaps for other symbols
  • Red, Blue and Green Bison Scatters

Bison Battle slot Theme and Design

Bison Battle is a reasonably good looking modern slot. Visually, it doesn’t stand out too much. Most of the attraction here is in the unique bonus round and big prizes. But that doesn’t mean the theme is totally boring. If you like the Old West and vintage Americana, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in the visual style Push Gaming have put together here. The background changes from Winter to Summer for the bonus rounds, which is awesome! There’s also atmospheric sound effects, with stampeding bison and country banjo music playing behind the spinning reels.

As for the symbols and animations, they’re alright. The bonus round Bison Battle bits look cool, with the coloured Bison steaming across the reels to (hopefully) meet in the middle for a massive prize-fight. However, being the bonus round, they don’t happen too often! On top of those symbols there are three suitably vicious looking animal icons, with some cool artwork. Apart from that, the other symbols aren’t that interesting. Half of them are your standard Push Gaming card suit symbols in various colours. They do a job, but they’re certainly nothing special!

Bison Battle Screenshot

Bison Battle slot Bonus Features

Bonus Game #1: Green Valley

The Green Valley bonus triggers when a Green and Red Bison symbol land on the same row. This triggers 8 free spins, with both Bison symbols moving one reel closer to each other after each spin. Once they hit each other they multiply any multipliers they may have, before adding that to your total prize. Plus, each free spin has the potential to pull a Sticky Bison Wild. That’s a Wild symbol that stays in place for all of your remaining free spins. Because of that, wins can really rack up here if you’re lucky!

Bonus Game #2: Ice Park

This round starts when you have a Blue Bison on reel 1 and Red Bison on reel 5. You get three free spins, as the Bison move towards each other to clash. However, these 3 spins are more valuable than the eight in the Green Valley round. That’s because all the symbols are replaced by Red or Blue Bison (with multipliers), Bison Coins or ice block blank symbols. Every time a new Red or Blue Bison drops, your three free spins reset. Also they will have a multiplier attached, potentially up to 2500x!

Conclusion and Verdict

Finally, what do we think of this game overall? Bison Battle certainly offers excellent prize potential and two uniquely fun bonus games. Similarly, the theme and graphics are a bit different from the rest – but there’s some aspects that could be improved. For example the way the background changes between the two seasonal-themed free spins round is great. In contrast, the standard low paying symbols in Bison Battle are just that – standard. We understand why developers don’t do it, but in our opinion you players deserve to have every symbol be unique to the game.

Overall though, Push Gaming’s Bison Battle is an interesting new slot game for 2022. It takes a fairly-well done theme, the American West, and adds a few unique aspects to it. Cool bonus rounds. More than decent prize potential. Lovely changing backgrounds. With all that, we can just about forgive some boring symbols and a theme that has definitely done before. So what prizes will you discover battling Bison across the Great Plains? Hopefully that 50,000x maximum win – which might be enough to buy a bison farm of your own someday. Yeehaw!

Bison Battle Profile

Slot Varience - Low



Release Date: 2022
Studio: Push Gaming
Game Type: Video Slots
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Stake Range: min 0.20

Jackpot - 50,000x


Bison Battle logo

Wild Bison, Red Bison Scatter, Blue and Green Bison Scatters

4 Play now

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