Worst Slots to Play for Managing your Bankroll

Some say bad experience is the name of a school only fools keep attending, if so, the worst slots to play while managing your bankroll is probably a faculty in a class of its own. Slots that deserve to be listed on something like Rotten Tomatoes, rated on quality, payout percentages, RTP, and real chances of winning or the lack thereof.

List of the Worst Slots for Bankroll Management

Without further adieu, here are the worst slots for managing your bankroll, why to avoid them, and what to expect if you do decide to give them a wager!

Tombstone R.I.P Slot

Tombstone RIP screengrab

It is reminiscent of the chaos that reigns in the dysfunctional family in Death at a Funeral. Although, Tombstone R.I.P. is a brutal bankroll destroyer unless you play the free slot version.

Graphically, it’s another masterpiece setting the perfect atmosphere for a spectacular gaming session, as expected from the super-talented NoLimit City. Gaining entrance requires getting the answer to the multichoice question right. It could be frustrating if you get it wrong, but to some extent, it’s laying the groundwork for what one of the statements clearly spells out, “Tombstone will kill you like a dog”.

What draws players at the best online casinos is the max payout of 300,000x winnable in 108 ways, the odds are 1:130000000. The first indication of what could hit players where it hurts is the dual RTP, 96.08% and 94.08% or with enhanced bet 96.28% and 94.25%. Volatility is insane and the hit frequency is 9.08%. Flicking the enhanced bet lever increases the base bet by 10%, payouts stay the same, and what increases is the probability of activating a guaranteed scatter on the second reel in every spin or triggering the free spins feature.

Buying your way into the bonus rounds come at a cost of 70x for 8 free spins in the Hang ‘Em high free spins bonus up to 3000x base bet for 10 free spins in the Boothill bonus. In xRIP mode, there’s no payout of wins below the base bet. Testing the hang’em high bonus at 70x base bet delivered a win worth 2.00, with the help of xbit, shown next to the Broke Bill tombstone.

Edda Girl leads the way to the boothill spins where a lot of prepping and testing takes place at the end of a winning spin, and at a bet of 300 there’s a lot going on visually but your bankroll never recovers. Even going as high as a bet of 9,000 in the free slot version, your play-for-fun balance runs out at a deadly fast rate.

Wild Joker Stacks Slot Machine

Wild Joker Stacks ss

If inventive spinning comes from wrongful thinking it might lead to the kind of boo-boo that consume bankrolls. Boomerang Studio’s Wild Joker Stacks slot machine offers a classic five reel layout, with three rows and introduces connecta ways, 99 of them to be exact with an attractive winning potential of 28,200x.

The idea behind the game is probably to enable players to figure out a playing style of their own with a complete set of options. Although the wealth of configurations only offers two most players will tend to go for… the statistically pointless cheapest and the best grid layout and the highest return to player percentage.

The Joker Stacks slot game is proof that change is not always the best option, should players increase the number of rows, the number of connecta ways change. So does the RTP 97.78% to 95.60%, which is an RTP percentage you’d expect from playing slot machine games at a land-based casino, and the volatility change. There’s also the option to decide on wild multiplies from 2x to 4x, with such chances the volatility varies between med-high, medium and low-medium.

The changes also hugely impact the betting costs from a minimum of 25 to 3,125 coins for a single spin. The maximum bet increases from 120 coins to a massive number of 15,000 coins. Wild Joker Staxx might be many things, but it is not budget-friendly.

Goblin’s Cave Online Casino Slot

Playing online slots while focussing on money management leads many players to high RTP slot machines with the most affordable betting ranges. When it comes to slot machine payouts, Goblin’s Cave could be what J.K. Rowling’s words “Knocking the Goblins aside like Skittles” refers to.

Inspired by mythical creatures of British and Germanic folklore, Playtech decided to celebrate the adventurous, mischievous often malicious little creatures via a simple classic 3×3 online slot. Graphically it reminds me of drawings, picked up in a kid’s bedroom. It could be a no-no for mobile players as the hold function which actually does add a bit of novelty, might not work. The big draw is the reported 99.32% RTP, realistically, the version at online slot sites scores around 94.50% up to a maximum of 96%.

Goblin’s Cave offers wilds, scatters, a hold feature, and the instant cash wins bonus round. The lantern scatters light the way to a pick bonus round, while the reel lock holds symbols players deem valuable. The stingy slot is unforgiving when it comes to its high volatility and when you’re fortunate, the maximum payout is only worth a very disappointing 150x.

USA Flip Slot Machine

Maybe the Play’n Go idea started out as a daredevil thrill ride and then something went wrong and it ended up as an eagle stunt-biker. A semi-transparent reel set extends the view of the crowd, statistically, it’s not the brashest, boldest or loudest of online slot machines on the market. USA Flip qualifies as the least volatile online slot ever released by the developer, with a math model rated 4/10, mildly put, it doesn’t exactly float any player’s boat.

Launched with numerous configurations, the highest RTP is 96.20%, and the adjustable paylines allow play from a single payline to 20 allow penny bets. Flipping the bonus lid reveals near-win re-spins, free spins and walking wilds. Three scatters award 12 free spins, re-triggerable up to a total of 120 spins, the re-spin action jumps into action when a full stack of matching symbols shows on reels one and two. At the end of a re-spin, stacked wilds can show up on the centre reel and move one position to the right during spins, or to the left during free spins.

What catches you on the flip side is the highest payout of 1,000x at max bet, USA Flip slot pairs what could be an exhilarating theme with a discouraging payout. Oh, the big flip takes place during the free spins when the flipped reels display bonus terms back to front.


Differentiating good from bad slots depends on the player rather than the slot game itself. However, several factors are part of effective bankroll management, the most important is the game statistics, including betting size, volatility, RTP percentage and payouts. Save your budget for real money play after testing all online slots via the free slot demo mode first.

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