This E-wallet is Thinking of Starting Its Own Cryptocurrency

Developer Steve Moser was the first to discover evidence of a stablecoin in the PayPal app and shared it with Bloomberg. The hidden images and code inside the company’s iPhone app was dubbed the PayPal coin, while the code indicates that such a coin could be backed by the U.S dollar.

The company revealed in a statement following the Bloomberg news that the company is exploring a stablecoin. Jose Fernandez da Ponte senior vice president of crypto and digital currencies also shared that once a decision is made to move forward, the company would work closely with relevant regulators.

PayPal Are Thinking of Starting Their Own Cryptocurrency Stablecoin Confirmed

A spokeswoman commented that the code and images found in the PayPal app stemmed from an event in which the engineers team quickly explore and build new products, some never to released publicly. It is called an internal hackathon an event taking place within the company’s crypto, blockchain, and digital currencies division. It means that the ultimate logo, features and name could differ once it reaches its public release from

Why the Interested in Having a Cryptocurrency

PayPal is a leading payment provider and the company’s exploration lately involves its major cryptocurrency effort. The main goal is to increase the number of currencies at PayPal users can purchase. PayPal is also investing in the education of users regarding crypt and working on ways to enable them to withdraw their cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure way to third-party wallets.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency in Online Gambling

The list of cryptocurrency advantages for online gambling includes privacy, transaction speed, security, low transaction costs and crypto is decentralized. The PayPal coin or traces of the development of its own token recently revealed via traces on the company’s iPhone app aims to offer all the above benefits and more.


One of the main advantages of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash is that no one can free or take your money due to the absence of a central regulatory system. Players feel in control of their monies and transactions.


Personal information is not attached to online players’ cryptocurrency wallets, purchases remain private and all services are transparent since anyone could find the information in the public ledger.


Payment information is private and secure and cannot be stolen, while it also requires no personal or sensitive data which protects players from identity theft. Online casinos and other merchants take less risk since transactions can not be altered or reversed.

Transaction Speed

Regardless of where you spent, whether it is at an online casino or a local restaurant, crypto transactions are close to instantaneous.

Low Transaction Fees

Cutting out the middleman with the decentralized crypto network removes charges and most wallets offer commission adjust options.

What is a Stablecoin and How is it Different from Other Cryptocurrencies?

Stablecoin is a blockchain-based e-currency linked to non-blockchain physical assets such as reserve currencies, government bonds or gold. The idea behind it is to link a stablecoin to a dependable resource, for example, the U.S dollar, which smooths out price or value fluctuations that occurs regularly in the crypto space.

Will This Cryptocurrency be Allowed by UK Sites

After the hidden code and images were discovered after the recent internal hackathon in PayPal’s app. The company revealed that it has been engaged in a major cryptocurrency effort recently aiming to launch new features that would include the buy and hold of digital coins as well as offering users the ability to pay for services and purchases using the monies.

PayPal Coin Could It Be The Stablecoin of the Future

The senior vice president of crypto and digital currencies at PayPal, Fernandez da Ponte shared that the payment supplier is yet to see a stablecoin that is purpose-built for online payments. PayPal is exploring a stablecoin that support payments at scale and have the necessary security. If Paypal’s digital currencies division is to create its own stablecoin it would need clarity on the type of licenses needed, the regulatory frameworks and regulations.

How Will Paypal’s Stablecoin Improve Payments

Curv, which is a subsidiary of PayPal that focuses on both asset security and cloud-based wallets have been working on a stablecoin solution since September 2021. After a spokeswoman shared that the hidden code and images inside the iPhone app were due to a recent internal hackathon an event participated in by engineers. It shows that the coin is very much in its infant stage and a work in progress.

Crypto and Digital Currencies Enthusiasm

Paypal’s enthusiasm substantially increased during 2021 for digital assets, when the allowance by the company for users to pay via cryptocurrency and enjoy the scraping of annual purchase limits.

The Future of Stablecoin at Gambling Sites – Our Take

The future of stablecoin or the PayPal coin at gambling sites could be challenging since the variety of cryptocurrencies competing for online casino players’ business continues to increase. On the other side of the coin is the success history of PayPal and the company’s experience that massively counts towards creating their own stablecoin.

The benefit of a leading payment service provider such as PayPal entering the crypto business is that players are familiar with the company and therefore trust it. The company’s blockchain division already works on linking stablecoin to the largest existing currency such as the US dollar and once it is backed to the U.S its success is basically guaranteed.

The Mobile App

The PayPal app will give mobile users instant access to the PayPal coin and once it matches all the benefits. We feel it will also exclude current disadvantages in the crypto business such as the prices bounces. While stablecoin could change the way online players deposit at gambling sites since the company plans to work closely with relevant regulators. Most of all we feel the seek to move forward might lead to huge success since PayPal is already a household payment method that could hugely increase the acceptance of a stable digital currency at top UK slot sites listed on TheSlotBuzz.

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