What do you get when you merge Slot and Bingo?

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You get Slingo! Variety is the spice of life, isn’t that what everyone says? While I know most of our readers at The Slot Buzz are big slot fanatics, Slingo can be a great way to branch out from the boring, run-of-the-mill slots you’ve grown accustomed to. Players can take comfort in the fact that while trying something different, they still have those familiar spinning reels to keep the excitement peaked!

Slingo was developed in the US in the 1990’s and has become a major online hit since then. Slot players and Bingo players have left their allegiances by the way side and have decided to mix things up by choosing Slingo! A game that mixes the best bits of both Slots and Bingo.

In this article we’ll tell you everything Slingo related from the differences between Slingo and Slots, to the history and conception of Slingo, and even where you can find the best Slingo games online! So continue on reading if you’re thinking of switching to Slingo!


So, what’s the real difference between online Slots and Bingo when compared to Slingo? The recent phenomenon of Slingo is basically an amalgamation of both Slots and Bingo, mixing the most exciting elements of each and merging them into a great game for all involved.

Slingo combines the spin of the reels from traditional slot machines and the crossing off of numbers on your card from traditional Bingo, creating an exciting, fast-paced game that grips you from the very start.

Slingo is won in many ways like bingo, however there is certainly an added excitement to the game with the addition of the spinning reels – but how do you actually play Slingo?

You begin with a set number of spins (generally between 10 and 20), and a 5 x 5 grid or your Bingo card. To win, you need to cross off the various numbers or symbols on your bingo card in a row until you reach a Slingo! Generally if you mark off 5 numbers in a row, you’ll get a Slingo, then you can move up a win ladder on the left of the grid which can provide instant cash prizes! It’s worth mentioning that the numbers or symbols that come up on the reels are the ones you can cross off on the bingo card.

The numbers that appear on the reels essentially replace the ball drawn from traditional Bingo. The spinning reels can provide multiple numbers or symbols, and if you have some of these present on your card then they are crossed off, oftentimes automatically, bringing you one step closer to the ultimate, massive cash prize! It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Like online Slots, Slingo has plenty of additional features that can enhance gameplay. Players can expect to see familiar features like wilds, or popular symbols like gold coins and free spins that can trigger extra bonus features.

So, in many ways Slingo really is like an online slot game with the reels feature, and Bingo with the use of a card to mark off numbers. However, the addition of bonus features and the amalgamation of the two elements ultimately creates some fantastic gameplay.


Founded in 1994, Slingo has rapidly taken the iGaming world by storm. London-based software developer, Gaming Realms, which specializes in creating and publishing innovative real money and social games for media and entertainment, purchased the Slingo license in July 2015, ultimately transforming the brand into a real money game, Slingo Originals.

Slingo Originals are at the forefront of developing quality Slingo for the iGaming industry. And their success is not going unnoticed. They won the Which Bingo Awards 2018 in Innovation of the Year for their game Slingo Rainbow Riches.


Of course! If they weren’t easy to play, they wouldn’t be so popular. However, like all new games, it may take you a few tries to get used to the mechanics. But if you’re an avid slot player, Slingo will be second nature to you!

Look at our site theslotbuzz.com for recommended best Slingo site bonuses, oftentimes you can play demo games before you fully commit to a particular Slingo game – this also gives you some time to get used to how to play Slingo.


In the last couple of months Slingo have released some new titles like Red Hot Sling, Slingo X-Scream, Slingo Sweet Bonanza, Slingo Bells, and Slingo Fire & Ice. While unfortunately Slingo Originals haven’t hinted at any upcoming games in 2022, the ones they have pumped out late this year are great fun.

Look up our review of their December release Slingo Bells right here at The Slot Buzz for some festive fun!

Keep an eye on theslotbuzz.com for new Slingo releases in the future, you can be sure our team of researchers will be here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where can I play Sling games online?

Since Slingo has become so popular over the last few years, many online casino and slot sites now offer a huge amount of Slingo games in their gaming catalogue. Here at The Slot Buzz, we have hand-picked some of the best online casinos that offer the best Slingo games and compiled them into a short list for you to choose from. These sites include: Play OJO, Fun Casino, Jaak Casino, Secret Slots, and Kaiser Slots – to name a few.

What are some great Slingo games?

Some of our favourite Slingo games here at The Slot Buzz include: Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Bells, Slingo Sweet Bonanza, Monopoly Slingo, and Slingo Deal or No Deal.

Can I claim a welcome bonus if I’m playing Slingo games?

Yes! Just like slot games, you can claim a welcome bonus and use your bonus funds to play online Slingo games. You just have to create an account with any of the online casino sites mentioned in this article and claim your welcome package. Most of the time you can use the bonus funds to wager on new Slingo games – however, check the T’s & C’s before you decide to sign up!

Best Slingo Sites

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