Nitropolis 3

Nitropolis 3 slot is set in a post-nuclear world. The story involves Sergeant Nitro Wolf, who has pushed the animals out of the town. Then, these four groups of animals land on a beach somewhere, so they’re running around trying to get find fuel so they can use their cars. Nitropolis 3 was released on 5 April 2022 by Elk Studios, and there are a fair amount of reels and winning symbols, not forgetting the bonus game. It’s safe to say, Nitropolis 3 has come far since the previous 2 versions.

Elk Studios developed the game, giving Nitropolis 3 slot RTP – 95%, and that’s not all! There are lots of really cool features, including the Avalanche. There are then some exciting Nitro reels, such as the Nitro Wild and Nitro Upgrade. What’s more, you’ll love the bonus game and the X-iter. When you switch to X-iter mode, you can play in different ways, which gives you the chance to play for the two bonuses! So, there is definitely lots to keep you gripped and entertained as you play. And if your looking for a different kind of gameplay check out these other games from Elk Studios: Mystic Orbs and Cluster Slide

  • Slot name: Nitropolis Slot 3
  • Developer: Elk Studios
  • Released: April 2022
  • RTP: 95%
  • Jackpot/maximum win: 50,000x
Nitropolis 3 Slot Review

Where Can I Play Nitropolis 3 Slot?

Nitropolis 3 Features

The game begins with 6 reels and 4 to 8 rows, with over 4,096 combinations you can win on. Try to match 3 to 6 symbols and that’s when you might get lucky on winning some cash prizes. Different symbols are worth varying amounts, for example, the Dawg Boss can be the symbol that pays the best. The symbols can land in any order, but they have to be consecutive to win. And in total there are a whopping 11 different bonus features on this game that you might play.

If you’re new to Nitropolis and you’d prefer to bet low, the minimum amount you can bet is 20 pence. If you’re feeling lucky, you can bet up to £50 for each spin of the game. This game is all about luck, and you could win up to 10,000x your stake on every spin. You can win by getting the right combinations of symbols, or get a scatter. Alternatively, another way to win money is if you trigger the bonus round, which gives you up to 20 free spins.

  • J-A Letters – up to 0.3 x your stake
  • Pug thugs emblem – up to 0.8 x your stake
  • Kitty boss – up to 3 x your stake

Theme and Design

The theme is all centred around the dystopian world. But the graphics and visuals might not be what you’d expect! You’ll see a tropical beach, deck chairs and even a lifeguard hut as the animals are racing against time around the island. You’ll hear a lively soundtrack, which is much happier than the other two versions of Nitropolis. As for the colours, it’s all very bright on Nitropolis. The animal emblems are much more vibrant shades than the letter symbols, with J-A being quite calm colours, and Kitty Boss being bright pink.

Next up, most of the symbols match the animal theme as part of the Nitropolis game. The ones that don’t are the letter symbols. Then, you’ll see that there are 4 animal emblems, including Rogue Rats, Pug Thugs, Gritty Kitty and Dirty Dawgs. Then, there are 4 other animal symbols, which are the rat, pug, kitty and dawg. However, there are also other symbols that aren’t animals, which include the Wild and the Blimp Bonus Scatter. Finally, watch out for the toxic sign and cocktail wild symbol.

Nitropolis 3 Bonuses

Avalanche Feature

When you play and get a winning combination, you’ll get to play the Avalanche feature. So, any symbols that have just given you a win will disappear and be space for new symbols to be added for you. Additionally, you’ll see another 8 rows appear. Play your spins and if you get a matching spin, keep playing! You need to get 4 Avalanches one after the other to win the full 8 rows of bonuses. So, that’s a total of over 262,000 ways to win. But it’s all about luck remember.

Bonus Game

Get between 3 and 6 scatter symbols, and you will trigger the bonus game to happen. Then, you will be given up to 20 free spins. It will depend on how many scatter symbols you got as to how many free spins you’ll get in the bonus round. It will be a minimum of 8 free spins. Also, there is a Safety Level feature which means new rows won’t drop you below the safety level, so the combination of ways you can win won’t go down in that bonus game.

Our Conclusion – WHERE TO PLAY

In comparison to Nitropolis 1 and 2, Nitropolis 3 slot has the same RTP, being 95%, so it’s consistent with its previous versions. But it has a lot more bonus features than the very first edition, which only 4. One of the best parts of Nitropolis 3 is that if you find yourself in a bit of luck, you could win up to 50,000x your stake. In addition to that, the other bonus features are just as good, if not better than the two old versions of Nitropolis.

To conclude, not only is it equally as good on mobile phones, you’ll likely enjoy playing Nitropolis 3 much more than numbers 1 and 2 because the potential payout is so much more! It’s got a hit frequency of 19.2%. So, that equates to a winning landing potentially every 5.2 spins, with up to 1 million ways to win. But, don’t forget to have fun while you spin through the colourful animals.

Nitropolis 3, like its predecessor, can be found at a range of the best slot sites available at The Slot Buzz. Head over to our dedicated slot sites page and choose one of the many top-rated and reviewed sites to start playing this game today. Or hit the button below and jump straight to one of our personal favourites!

Nitropolis 3 Profile

Slot Varience - Medium



Release Date: 2022
Studio: Elk Studios
Game Type: Video Slots
Reels: 6
Paylines: 4096
Stake Range: 0.20 - 50

Jackpot - 50,000x


Nitropolis 3 logo

X-iter, Nitro Features, Bonus Game

4.5 Play now

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