Million Tree

Million Tree is the latest slot game developed by JTG and its partner, Golden Hero, which specialises in optimising games for mobile devices. Million Tree’s biggest strength is the unusual game mechanics with only three reels and a single payline — a matrix not commonly used these days. Still, not everything about this slot is old-school. The bonus features that include a special wild symbol, a multiplier, and a respin give it a modern twist, especially when coupled with a 96.50% RTP and a max payout worth 888x your stake. 

Million Tree Slot Review

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About Million Tree

Million Tree is a slot game that follows JTG’s “Easy & Fun” concept and theme perfectly. It is a simple and entertaining game aimed at both those players who have never spun a slot reel in their life and the experienced slot enthusiasts.

JTG partnered with Golden Hero back in 2018, and their initial project, Hawaiian Dream, was a hit. Since then, JTG has released various slots with a variety of themes — from Japanese anime cartoons to those revolving around Christmas, and all of them were a success. Million Tree is the first one they have developed for the European market, and it is expected to captivate all players. Stunning visuals and bonus features that include multipliers, random respins, and a few more mysterious features are at the core of the game, and we shall discuss them in detail below.

The minimum bet per spin in Million Tree is £0.20, while the maximum is set at £100, making it perfect for both prudish players and those willing to go big. Those truly lucky players who manage to make a winning combo with wilds coupled with multipliers can expect to land a max payout worth 888x their bet.

Themes, Symbols, and Paytable

In its backdrop, Million Tree features a giant tree of life, which brings fortune and bliss to all. The game actually appears to be set in a world that resembles the one from the famous movie Avatar, with its clear skies, steaming volcanos, and all-encompassing power of nature.

The main symbols of the game are precious stones and gems, such as amethysts, emeralds, and sapphires, while the rubies that appear on the grid are wilds designed to substitute all other symbols and bring heftier payouts.

RTP, Variance, and Payouts

Many things make Million Tree special, and its playing structure and matrix are some of them. Here’s the deal — the game has three reels and one payline, on which all four symbols land to form winning combos. However, the symbols can occupy every second position on the reels, which in fact means that the reels can stop between the symbols, like in those retro slots.

Also, the game pays 5x for any combination of the four symbols, not only for three of a kind or their combination with the wild. Of course, the spins can end with no winning combos, but this sort of payout structure makes that more unlikely than in other new slot games.

Million Tree is a low variance slot with a 96.50% RTP, which means you can expect to see frequent payouts — although not huge in size. If the stars and wild rubies with multipliers align properly, you can take home the prize worth 888x your bet.

Gameplay and Features

There are a couple of interesting bonus features in Million Tree. Some of them are not even explicitly mentioned in the paytable, so you might miss them. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Mystery Hints and Prompts

The more observant players will notice a special bar that looks like a news ticker at the bottom of the screen. There, a number of puzzling prompts will roll and tell the players the game’s secrets they have to interpret for themselves. Those are:

When the wind blows and a win is not triggered, reels will respin.
The wild symbol can appear more frequently when lightning appears on the screen.
The fruit of happiness found on the world tree brings wealth to the player.
Expect something special when the world tree shakes the reels.

Wild Multiplier

The game’s wild symbols come in the form of rubies, and they can substitute all other symbols to form a win. Matching three wilds brings a payout worth 111x your bet, but that is not the biggest win this combination can produce. Namely, the wild can also come with a 2x multiplier, so three wilds can pay 222x, 444x, or 888x your bet size, depending on how many multipliers there are.

Our Verdict

Million Tree is a rather interesting slot game with a simple playing grid and multiple mysterious bonus features you have never seen before. The above-average RTP of 96.50% and the low-variance nature of the game indicate wins are not hard to come by, while the max payout of 888x your wager shows that the wins you score can be quite lucrative.

Million Tree Profile

Slot Varience - Low



Release Date: 2021
Studio: Japan Technicals Games
Game Type: Video Slot
Reels: 3
Paylines: 1
Stake Range: 0.20 - 100.00

Jackpot - 888x


Million Tree logo

Mystery Hints and Prompts Feature, Wild Multiplier Feature

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