Max Quest: Rise of The Mummy

This new release by BetSoft, with an RTP of 97.5%, will hit the market on the 15th of September 2021. Being an unreleased 3D casino game, we expect nothing but the best from BetSoft and it’s new hit game Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy when it comes to gameplay and features. As it doesn’t operate like a slot game, don’t expect reels nor paylines. 

What we do know is that its name showcases its ancient Egyptian theme. BetSoft is a tycoon in the gambling game industry, leaving us to just wait and hold our breath for whatever they have in hand for us next.

Max Quest: Rise of The Mummy Slot Review

Where Can I Play Max Quest: Rise of The Mummy Slot?


If we look back at some of the BetSoft releases, we can see that the quality of the games powered by this game developer is top-notch. After all, it is home to some of our favourites: Good Girl Bad Girl, Safari Sam, The Slot Father 2, Jumbo Joker, Tiger’s Claw, and many more.  A game that resembles this new release is Max Quest: The Wrath of Ra. This precursor to the new release gives us an idea of what the new game will look like.

Wrath of Ra combines all the fun of a single-play hero RPG game, with the features of other popular casino games, bringing maximum fun to the player. It has been announced that Rise of The Mummy will follow behind that innovative gameplay. In this case, Max (the player) would fight the risen mummy, whoever of the pharaohs he is.

BetSoft’s RTP varies between 92% and 97% giving its players a strong chance of making it worth their while. Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy’s RTP is 97.5%, ranking amongst the highest in the BetSoft game library. As far as volatility goes, we would expect a medium volatile game, but that is yet to be discovered.


As the name suggests, the theme is ancient Egyptian. One would guess it’s a mummy rising from the dead, to be specific. As it is very far from a typical slot game, the symbols would be more appropriately renamed as characters. This innovative new way of gambling mixes RPG games with the pleasure of winning making it that much more entertaining for the player.

The player is taking the role of Max, an adventurer whose purpose is to destroy as many of the ancient Egyptian beings as possible. Time will tell whether our assumptions were correct or not. Because of the nature of the game, no reels or paylines exist.


Even though the game hasn’t been released yet, some of the major information such as its RTP are commercially available. Max Quest: Rise of The Mummy has an RTP of 97.5%.Taken into account the high RTP a majority of the BetSoft games have featured in the past, we would expect nothing less from this new release.

Its volatility and variance are yet unknown, however, we rely on the provider and their experience to know what the audience needs when it comes to this. A medium volatile game is something every player can hope for.

When it comes to the paytable, it involves a bit more research than hoped for. There’s a long 12-page description of everything you need to know regarding the paytable and game mechanics, so we suggest you gear up and skim through every nook and crevice of it because it will help you understand the game better.

Gameplay and Features

The game is expected to have an array of weapons, varying from price to ability to unlock some of the bonus features. And although no free spins, or shots, in this case, are available, that doesn’t mean BetSoft has been stingy with their bonuses.

Max Quest: Rise of The Mummy Payouts

Don’t let the no-free-spins, no-zero-deposit policy fool you. This game can multiply your deposit in the room you wager up to 5,000 times.

Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy: Money Wheel Feature

This bonus prize might pop up when you’ve damaged a lot of the characters or you’re using a special weapon. Although, the second one is more common. It unlocks a spinning wheel with prizes you can win when the needle stops at one of the segments.

Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy: Damaging the bosses Feature

The game has three leaders. Damaging them is more common with the special weapons, which you can win or buy, and the worse they’re hurt, the bigger the win you keep. Killing them brings you the biggest win.


BetSoft has really outdone themselves when it comes to imagination and creativity when developing Max Quest: Rise of the Mummy slot. This game is proof that gambling doesn’t have to be staring at a screen, waiting for different symbols to pop up. It’s shown that online games can be interactive, fun, and profitable.

Before you jump into playing, we suggest you play the demo version first and read everything the provider has written, just in case. These are relatively new games, so there might be some adjustments to the rules we are unaware of. With all that said, we can’t wait until this game comes out!

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Max Quest: Rise of The Mummy Profile

Slot Varience - Low



Release Date: 2021
Game Type: Video Slot
Reels: no reels
Paylines: no paylines
Stake Range: no stake range

Jackpot - 5,000x


Max Quest Logo

Money Wheel Feature, Damaging the bosses Feature

3.5 Play now

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