Ivan and the Immortal King

A high variance, Russian fairytale slot with 96.29% RTP, set in a forest and featuring wolves, fair maidens and evil kings. This one comes with surprise features in the base game adding random symbols to the reels, and an excellent free spins round with progressive scatters that earn players up to 20x multipliers.

A slot with massive potential – reportedly 40,000x, but high, high variance. Play from 20p to £100 per spin.

Ivan and the Immortal King Slot Review

Where Can I Play Ivan and the Immortal King Slot?


Quickspin is a slot developer renowned for turning classic fairytales into slick, beautifully illustrated slots. Perhaps the best example of this would be Big, Bad Wolf, one of their best productions. We’ve also seen Goldilocks, The Three Musketeers, and 2018’s Raunzel’s Tower.

This time round Quickspin have turned to a story from Russian folklore – that of the eternal struggles between hero, Ivan Tsarevich, and the evil, immortal king, Koschei. Ivan, it seems, is a common figure in Russian fairytales, heroic and often attributed with magical powers, and in a battle against all kinds of evil persons, animals and objects.

In this game, you are Ivan, and your mission, of course, is to defeat the evil king and appropriate his treasures. In order to achieve this you will have various features in the base game, and then a cache of free spins, and progressive multipliers in the bonus round. There are massive prizes at stake – but boy, are they going to be tough to unlock.

This is not a slot for the feint-hearted – Quickspin have been moving towards high variance throughout 2018 and Ivan and the Immortal King follows that trend.

Ivan and the Immortal King Game Set-Up

As we expect from Quickspin, the design work here is of the highest quality. The slot looks fantastic. The reel set is 5×3 and comes with 20 fixed paylines. To the left you will notice a set of multipliers, from 1x up to 20x at the top, each with a symbol next to it. This is relevant in the bonus round where collecting the progressive scatters will keep you moving upwards, applying bigger and better multipliers to your wins all the time.

Ivan and the Immortal King Game Symbols

The low value symbols in this slot are the gemstones of different colors. The premium symbols are the wolf, the dragon, a maiden, and the hero and anti-hero. Ivan is the highest paying symbol of all at 100x for five on a payline.

NOTE: all symbols can appear as full stacks, creating opportunities for full screen wins.

Look out as well for the wild which substitutes for all others bar the scatter and pays out the same as Ivan.

Ivan and the Immortal King Slot Features

Baba Yaga Surprise

There is one further character to add to the story here – and that is Baba Yaga. She is a famously ugly old witch – though in this instance she has a benevolent role to play. When you see her fly in on her broomstick, watch out for 4 random hidden symbols being added to the reels.

When this happens either these symbols will all transform into the same paying symbol, or they will transform into bonus scatters in the base game – helping to trigger free spins – or progressive scatters in the free spins round – helping to progress the multiplier.

Free Spins Round

To unlock any serious treasures in this game you will need to hit the bonus round hard. It’s tough to unlock, but undoubtedly, like all high variance slots, this is where the money is. Three or more scatters are needed to do this, and it works as follows:

3 Scatters – 10 free spin starting at 1x multiplier (the chest)

4 Scatters – 14 free spins starting at 2x multiplier (the hare)

5 Scatters – 18 free spins starting at 3x multiplier (the duck)

If you’re wondering what’s with the ducks and hares it’s all part of the story – the tale goes that Koschei’s soul is hidden inside a needle, in an egg, in a duck, in a hare, in a chest (of course!). Each level of the multiplier is represented by one of these – from the chest 1x to the needle (10x). There is also a dead king at the top, which is the highest multiplier of 20x, allocated when you finally defeat him!

To move up the ladder you will need to land 3 progressive scatters at each level. Not only do you get bigger multipliers, but you will also get 4 extra spins each time you move up.  That’s up to 20x and 30 spins at the dead king level.

NOTE: Baba Yaga is also active in the bonus round, dropping extra symbols on the reels to help you!

The Slot Buzz Verdict

Ivan and the Immortal King is a cool game, but one for the hardcore slots fans we feel. It has that classic feel about it – there will be big win videos on You Tube from those lucky enough to get a rollercoaster ride through the bonus round, picking up tons of free spins and multipliers, and getting a helping hand from Baba Yaga!

Incidentally, if you like Russian-themed slots, you could always dip into an old quirky slot from Thunderkick – Babushkas!

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