Software Providers: Paving the Way to the Future

In the past software companies only deployed software in a format that stored a copy of the app, game, or program together with all of its data on customers’ computers, mobile devices, and private servers. The rapid rise of cloud platforms completely revolutionised the way software providers marketed, presented and delivered their services and products.

Cloud data repositories proved a key element driving global digital transformation over the past decade offering solutions essential to cloud computing such as data loss prevention, improving graphics, storage expansion as a solution to bulky software, plus opening many new avenues for software developers to explore. Cloud-based solutions greatly facilitated the widespread distribution of the dramatic advances in AI, especially in areas such as machine learning.

One of the most important enablers of digital transformation is artificial intelligence, the extensive range of deep learning is now employed by tech-savvy companies throughout the insurance industry, helping schools increase efficiency, improve service delivery, and elevate the user experience at nonprofit organizations, financiers, service providers across many industries, industrial design, and virtually any other imaginable operation and institution.

Cloud gaming enables online casinos to host the latest versions of PC and mobile solutions such as online slots and other games to players across the globe via the worldwide web. Numerous AI-driven safety measures elevate cloud security solutions used by leading software solutions providers significantly above the level of mere convenience. The benefits to any leading online entertainment provider include instant access to the latest games and the latest updated versions of games from the creative studios of popular software developers such as NetEnt or Play’n Go.

The SaaS platform stems from the host of new possibilities and opened up further development of advanced AI both of which represents what are two of the greatest game-changer for the online gaming industry since the widespread adoption of HTML5. The development of SaaS or “Software as a Service” presents virtual casinos with the perfect hosting platform to offer their games and services as online apps to players.

These factors contributed greatly to the proliferation of top-tier games in the market. Currently a single could host iteration of software ensures customers at all levels continuously have access to the latest, most stable version of the software that instantly receives the latest updates at all times.

The resultant supremely stable, stutter-free software featuring high-quality, detailed buttery smooth graphics and improved gaming mechanics immensely improved the online casino player experience. These advances in iGaming tech paved the way for leading software providers to develop vast cloud aggregator platforms that offered turnkey solutions to online casinos of all sizes.

Leading iGaming software aggregators provide top-end solutions to online casinos in terms of marketing, client services, casino platforms, and a near-endless range of games and other forms of online entertainment. These advances coincided with a massive increase in demand for online entertainment from casinos and customers.

In turn, this allowed industry leaders such as NetEnt, Play’n GO, Big Time Gaming (BTG), Quickspin, and Playson who were quick to adopt and fully incorporate future-proofed technologies like HTML5 into their gaming platforms. For the first time since the advent of the internet of all things, online software became cross-platform compatible with just about any smart mobile device and desktop computer operating on recent versions of Windows, Android, as well as Apple’s proprietary Mac or iOS operating systems.

For software providers, another massively beneficial spinoff offered by SaaS was the simplicity of having to develop, update, and attend to a single cloud-based iteration of the software that was already cross-platform compatible. Very soon cloud-based solutions became refined and quite capable of delivering superior experiences, an experience that became especially noticeable to players at UKGC licensed top-end online casinos like Johnny Jackpot, Playsunny Casino, Casino Lab, and Voodoo Dreams.

Common Software Developers

Online software developers created every imaginable variant of casino game any player could ever wish to play, with droves of new ones still arriving on the scene every day. The introduction of a cloud-based platform gave way to vast games aggregators that enabled any global provider and casino to offer a vast range of online software solutions. Naturally, these encompass a near-endless number of top-quality games, as a result, players currently receive a superlative online casino experience thanks to cloud-based software development.

Traditionally the UK proved itself to be one of the most attractive markets in the world. Naturally, this captured the attention of many leading global providers as well as the foremost online casino brands in the industry. These two key factors combined with extremely tight, stringently enforced regulatory controls became the three principal factors that contributed to one of the world’s healthiest, safest online gaming markets. Below we discover who they are and take a closer look at each.

Big Time Gaming

Commonly known as BTG and founded in 2011 the company quickly established itself as an industry leader. Focusing primarily on player entertainment, Big Time Gaming slots software are known for creating attractive, colourful games with detailed themes, that feature a wide range of innovative bonuses that offer generous prizes. Their portfolio of HTML5 games has been integrated into many of the UK’s leading online casinos gaming libraries. mobile app

How to Check what Software Providers are Available at an Online Casino

Effects of the Covid 19 pandemic saw the already massive demand for quality online entertainment escalate even higher which gave rise to a massive influx of new iGaming software developers all vying for the attention of online casinos. As with any rapid growth spurt, some prove more talented and dedicated than others which clearly reflects in the quality, fairness, and safety of their software products. As a rule of thumb, the best advice for even the most experienced of online casino patrons is to adhere to well-known brands that have attained the status of household names.

Players, especially inexperienced ones, are much more likely to have a safe, secure, and fair experience at licensed casino operators. Licensed operators invest vast sums of money to attain and maintain their rights to hold valid licenses in the strictly regulated and enforced UK market. In turn, their substantial financial investment proves their commitment to continuously provide their customers with a secure, safe, and fair environment.

Part of their commitment to starts with the safety, security, and fairness of the games they market and offer to their customer base. In turn, these factors and numerous others start with the quality of the gaming software which is directly dependent on the level of skill and commitment of the software developers/providers they feature in their gaming libraries.

Due to variances in website layout and design checking which software developers’ portfolio of games form part of a trustworthy online casinos gaming lounge is not a straightforward process. However, a list of preferred software provider names generally appear in one or more of the following areas:

  • Bottom of the casino homepage
  • Dedicated tab or button at the top of the homepage
  • As filters in the slots, table games, and live dealer sections
  • FAQ & Help section
  • Contact casino support & request a list via instant chat, email, or phone

How AI is Helping Our Site Experience

AI allows businesses to optimize services and to continue improving their increasingly user-friendly interfaces across multiple systems. AI comes with the added spinoff of not only improving efficiency, services, and user-friendliness, it simultaneously tends to drive staffing and maintenance overheads down, optimising annual revenue. Saas solutions increase the performance of businesses and community groups around the world via ever-easier to use interfaces.

AI became one of the mainstays in the development of new improved business solutions it permanently changed company culture and became an essential element in long-term business strategy. Digital business transformed the face of gambling since traditional casino visits no longer offer the only solution to gambling entertainment.

Our Conclusion

A couple of key reasons to remain with licensed casino operators are security, safety, and fairness. Seemingly simple enough reasons but these contribute more to the overall online casino experience than first meets the eye since their effects penetrate much deeper than is initially apparent. Security and safety not only applies to your banking details while transacting, it also includes storage of your banking details, credit card info, personal details, and more! These deeper unconsidered effects also apply to safety and fairness.

Cloud solutions provide access to resources and information without using data stored by a mobile app on your smartphone or computer’s local drive. Via cloud-based platforms, enterprise clients can access software solutions such as casino games via the internet using player data that is never stored on a personal smart device which means players will not lose the progress they’ve made through a game if they or experience a crash or switch between devices. These computing and gaming innovations also make it possible to stream movies on demand and the latest update of games in real-time.

AI and data integration now form crucial parts of senior leadership strategies focused on business expansion. These digital services, often also referred to as technology partners, offer optimised productivity solutions that are widely used by leading software solutions experts across the globe. Productivity solutions made their way into school systems, helping struggling schools to identify individual business needs, increase efficiency, and essential services.