Can You Play Slots as Your Profession?

It is possible to make playing slots your profession, professional gamblers can be slot machine players. The goal of such is to maximize their return via a minimum investment, it’s not easy or we’d all be spinning away every day. Several factors count towards your success in making your living playing slots. If this is a career you consider, keep reading, find out more about your options, grab a few tips and learn the tricks.

Are There Really Professional Slots Players?

If your dream is to be a professional slots player and to earn a living from playing slot machines, there are a few things to take into consideration. Professional slots players do not play for fun, relaxation or even entertainment, they’re goal is to use their knowledge to make a success of earning a regular income by playing slots.

Great opportunities and ways to increase your return are plentiful, these include free spin bonuses, slot tournaments, and finding slot machines offering high RTPs. It might sound like so much fun, but it could be more challenging than you think. Do remember that should you become a professional slot player, slots are games of luck and chance, it could make this career stressful.

Professional gamblers normally prefer games of skill, which is why you often hear about professional poker players. Games of skill such as poker give the player a little more control since his decisions and skills influence the outcome.

What it would take to Play Professionally

Whether it is the pro gambler status or just being able to make your living playing slots, it comes down to what you gain from it, the profit. The first step towards success is being able to win from slot games. Even though slot machine spinning doesn’t require skill when you play for fun, you need to be skilled in the different types of slots, what is vital in becoming not only a slot machine player but a winner is the slots you choose.

Playing Slot Machines for a Living

Knowledge is even more powerful when you enter the pro gambler slots player world, a great article recently appeared on TheSlotBuzz about the Psychology of Successful Online Slots Players. Professional gamblers do not depend on luck but rather expand their knowledge via research, training, strategy and skill.

Play Slots to Win Money

A professional slot player has one goal and that is to take or make as much as possible from anything related to gambling, including promotions, selecting the perfect casino, and selecting the game. One thing all professional gamblers have in common, is they read a lot, learn from experts, develop advanced tactics, most of all they strive to be as informed and educated as possible.

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail”

Charles R Swindoll

Tips and Tricks: Become A Professional Slots Player

The accomplishment or benefit of slots played professionally is getting off to a good start. Winning is everything, your daily grind as a professional slot machine player is to make a profit, playing slots is no longer just a fun activity.

Getting Started

Professional gambling, like most projects, starts by deciding the size of your kick-off bankroll. Being a professional slot machine player is becoming self-employed, it’s a business that requires an investment. Decide on the amount and stick to it, it’s no longer a fun activity or form of entertainment, it’s a business that depends on your decisions and control.

Finding the Perfect UK Site

Where you play is as important as deciding where to set up your business. When it comes to the business of living playing slots, you want to join the Best UK Slot Site. You not only enjoy the protection of the UKGC but also other benefits such as safety fair gaming, strict regulations, multiple payment options, and fast payouts. Recommended Read: TheSlotBuzzBest Payment Methods to use at Licensed Sites in the UK.

UK Slot Sites offers the best variety of slots, multiple payment options, great promotions, excellent sign-up offers, fantastic welcome packages and fast payouts of your winnings. Recommended Read: TheSlotBuzz – These Games Have the Biggest Payouts in 2022.

Increase Your Odds of Winning in Gambling by Playing with Casino Bonuses

A professional gambler quickly learns how to play longer which of course increase the chances of winning on slots via casino bonuses. For example, a 100% welcome bonus doubles your investment, and a 200% welcome bonus triple the amount you have available to gamble with. Online casinos also offer plenty of promotions such as free spins, deposit or reload bonuses, cashbacks and loyalty rewards.

Progressive Jackpots & Earning Enough to Make a Living Playing Slots

Progressive jackpot payouts are astronomical and can be life-changing. Although it may come as a surprise that most pro players who make a living, playing slots, stay clear of progressive jackpots such as Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. The reason is the low RTP, slots to lookout for in your new career is high RTP classic fruit slots. Low bets, fewer paylines to bet on and high max win amounts make it easy to stay within your budget and offer enough money to make it worth it.

Advantages of Slot Machine Bonus Features

Slot machines packed with bonus features such as a free spins bonus, gamble game, jackpot, wilds, and a bonus game is always one of the best options. For example, playing with free spins make it possible to win money during the bonus round, without using your funds.

Learning the Slot Game Details

When it gets down to strategies and tactics, any professional player is well aware that there are no guarantees. Whether you play at land-based casinos or the best online casinos, become a professional gambler in sports betting, casino games or a poker expert.

The basics remain the same, bankroll management, and good choices based on slot machines and payouts. Since a professional slot machine player can increase the odds of winning like blackjack, or poker players via skill or taking advantage of a low house edge.

To become a professional slots player you need to know all the ins and outs of slot machines and how to pick the best online slot site. Advantage players learn how to search, observe, study and experiment until they find machines with a good combination of RTP and high volatility offering excellent bonus features.

Slot Machine Professional Players – First Learn the Ropes

The best way is to read casino reviews, slot reviews and articles related to maximizing your deposit bonus and doubling your fun. Reliable sites such as TheSlotBuzz offer fact-based reviews on the best UK casinos, top bonus offers and the most trustworthy payment options.

Slots and progressive jackpot slot reviews provide slot players with a summary of the bonus features such as free spins while indicating whether it’s a high, medium or low variance slot. It is also a great site for anyone wishing to make their living playing slots due to constantly updated information regarding new improvements in slot games and UKGC rule changes.

Online Casino Games Information

Knowing the rules of the game, regardless of the type, whether it be slots or other games with a low house edge or high expected value payout. This is also important in terms of finding out how to activate the progressive jackpots. Before pro slot players hit enter, they first read the rules on slot machines. This information is a good indication of how much they can win, the size of the jackpot, bonus activation and if the slot offers a gamble feature.

Free Slots A Huge Benefit to the Professional Slot Player

Unlike other players that mostly focus on the theme of the slot machines or only the bonus features. It all changes once a player playing for fun and entertainment becomes a professional slot player in the casino industry.

Free slot machines at online casinos make it possible for the professional gambler to test and experience the slot machines after reading the information. Playing slots for free provide the professional gambler with more insight into the game mechanics and what to expect. Free play slots make it possible to test different betting strategies and an indication of how often bonus feature activates.

Volume or One Big Bonus

Casinos offer a variety of promotional offers, each of the bonus types is structured to appeal to different players. While many casinos focus on the popularity of free spins most preferred by the larger number of the casino audience, bonus money or funds is also offered via high percentage match bonuses.

In terms of volume versus one big bonus, a great example in gambling is the huge 200% once-off welcome bonus versus a welcome package offering three deposit bonuses and free spins. The first step in deciding which of the two is most beneficial is to read the bonus terms and conditions.

For example, a 200% bonus gives you triple your bankroll instantly, although what really matters is the wagering and other bonus requirements. Wagering required on the bonus amount only is a much better deal than a welcome package that bonus-boosts your first three deposits, but both the bonus and the activating deposit require wagering before you can claim the money you win. Recommended read: Biggest Bonuses for UK Slots Players.

Visit Different Online Casinos

Unless you find a reliable site such as TheSlotBuzz that constantly update welcome offers and promotions, you need to visit different online casinos to check the latest offers. The main reason to visit a few online sites is surprise deals and at times you could grab a no deposit bonus. This is a great way of getting to know the online casino without spending any of your money.

Money Management

As with any business and even more so in gambling, you need to manage your money properly, play responsibly and stick to the amount you decided upon when you started your pro slot player career.

Why You Should Not Try to Be a Professional Slot Player

If it is your desire and passion to become a professional gambler and make a living from your winnings, the first step is to first try it out on part-time bases. Gambling appeals to many, gamblers love the mystery part of the unknown outcomes. If you play for fun, a win or lose situation is all part of the enjoyment. But, gambling can be tempting, even dangerous and as a career choice, you need to weigh up the pros and the cons.

Inconsistent Income

When you become a professional there is no basic salary, no set amount you will earn every month. Your income will most certainly be inconsistent, no matter how long you follow this career. Winning enough money to take care of yourself and your family via casino winnings only will make this career one of the most stressful.

Few Opportunities

Few career opportunities, if any are even nearly as stressful as gambling, the thing with slots is that you have no control. Every bet you place is a risk and when you have a dry period at the machines, you need an additional form of income.

Gambling can be Addictive

No one ever believes that they will fall into the addiction trap, but it happens and this is one of the big dangers of choosing a gambling career. Remaining responsible all the time is not easy and can become even more challenging when it’s a form of income. Carefully consider such a career path, maybe start by playing machines as an additional income, it’s a great way to find out if gambling as a career is as great and rewarding as you think it could be.

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