Paypal Introduces Blocking Software for Online Gambling Transactions

In January 2022, PayPal, the US financial technology company announced a new addition to its payment services available to online users, called Gamban. The introduction of Gamban is focused on sports betting fans and online casino players wishing to block gambling transactions.

Welcomed by the UKGC and users in the UK and US, PayPal introduces blocking software that enables the user to block gambling transactions. This is a step closer to responsible gambling which PayPal one of the most popular payment suppliers offers to strengthen user responsibility.

It follows as the payment supplier continues to be the most engaged in the payment journey of sports bettors. Gamban commented after the news release that PayPal now offering all its users an option to block gambling transactions is a most welcome addition to its gambling recovery toolkit.

Gamban also shared its belief that the best chances of success in overcoming excessive online gambling or gambling addiction are possible via more tools. The best chance of recovery now includes PayPal and banks blocking online gambling via Gamban, support by GamCare and self-exclusion.

Why Did Paypal Need to Use Blocking Software for Online Gambling?

The move by PayPal comes after the UK heightened focus on social responsibility in its review of the Gambling Act and the overall UK gambling regulatory framework. The widely increased measures added in the region will ensure that the gambling environment becomes as socially responsible as possible in the UK.

The steps taken by PayPal is to ensure that its payment processing services aren’t used in ways to fuel excessive online gambling or the online casino habits of problem gamblers. The integrated software is in place to prevent transactions related to online payments at casinos following the PayPal partnering with Gamban, a third-party software product offering an array of features blocking gambling transactions at thousands of gambling and casino websites.

Why PayPal Offers Software to Block Gambling Transactions

Online gamblers practising responsible gambling won’t be affected by the latest announcement in which PayPal introduces blocking software for online gambling transactions. With the payment provider currently being the biggest payment system in the world for online payments. It might not come as a surprise that it is the most preferred method in the casino industry used by gamblers for depositing and withdrawing funds at online casinos and sports betting sites.

Huge Loss of £150,000

There is no confirmation on exactly how much money is spent via PayPal on gambling transactions or gambling-related activities. With many being able to transfer thousands, it came to light that a young man deposited £150,000 in a single day without any prior savings.

The psychiatrist, Henrietta Bowden-Jones that was supporting him at the time shared that he reached his bank card limit and managed to withdraw via direct debit £2,000 continuously, every few minutes. While his parents were asleep while he gambled and when they woke up discovered that he lost £150,0000.

PayPal Tightened Controls and Payment Rules

The payment service supplier PayPal expressed huge concern once it learned how its services were abused to fund gambling-related transactions. It was the start of the provider reviewing controls and tightening its payment rules to prevent its services from being used in ways to facilitate excessive online gambling.

Third-Party Software Gamban

Gamban offers specialized gambling blocking software compatible across all devices. Features include fast and easy installation, blocking access to thousands of online gambling websites, instant access to useful resources, easily managed and on-demand live technical support. The app is available on both Google Play and the App Store and supported platforms include iOS 9.0 and newer as well as Android 5.0 or newer.

Benefits offered in regard to blocking online gambling for Android, Windows, macOS and iOS users include blocking gambling apps, blocking online gambling access across all browsers, plus it is difficult to uninstall or bypass.

Can This Cause Problems for Online Gamblers?

The announcement by PayPal one of the leading payment service providers, that it has added the blocking software called Gamban to its platform comes early in the year. Customers in the UK and US now have access to an option to block online gambling transactions.

PayPal may stop online gambling transactions of account holders and merchants in the US and for that matter prohibit transactions in any jurisdiction where online gambling is illegal and offers services to US account holders or any merchant not approved by PayPal.

PayPal Approved Merchants

PayPal online transactions and services will continue at approved merchants in certain jurisdictions in which gambling is legal. To qualify as a PayPal approved merchant, casinos and sports betting sites need to demonstrate the ability to block gambling transactions for US account holders and any other jurisdiction where gambling is illegal.

PayPal account holders may only use its services at approved merchants, and may not use it to deposit, pay or send or receive money for any form of activity that includes gambling transactions. Unless the merchant is approved, PayPal users may not use the service for gambling winnings, gambling debts, registering bets, placing bets, or participating in lotteries.

Gambling Activities Prohibited by PayPal

It includes a host of online gambling activities since the leading online payment supplier now prohibits transactions including:

Games of skill and games of chance also include any activities with prizes or an entry fee, regardless of whether the outcome was determined by skill or chance.

Casino games include (although not limited to) physical or virtual games such as poker, pai gow, pachinko, keno, faro, craps, blackjack and baccarat, wheel of fortune, slot machines, sic bo and roulette.

Sports betting and sportsbooks activities include placing bets on actual sporting events through a betting exchange or against a bookmaker

Horse or Greyhound racing include gambling transactions on numerous types of races including:

  • Simple betting: which is wagering between individuals
  • Sweepstakes betting: involves large stakes or entry fees that are pooled and then awarded to winners
  • Bookmaking Betting: in which the speculators offer odds and accept bets against predictions in horse or dog racing.
  • Pari-mutuel betting: this is where betting odds on a dog or horse derives from a comparison made between the total wagered on the animal and the total wagered on all in the race.

(OTB) Off-track betting: wagering on races taking place in locations away from where the gambler is situated.

Person to person betting: this includes any individual that wagers and wagers via betting exchanges.

Lottery tickets: it includes the selling or buying of an opportunity to participate in raffles, sweepstakes, pools or any game, form or contest that involves the distribution of monetary compensation or prizes.

Gaming machines include any devices that meet one of these criteria:

  • Adapted or constructed for playing a game of chance
  • Machines containing an aperture or slot allowing the insertion of cash, tokens or money
  • Any machine offering money or money’s worth prizes regardless if the participant is at risk of losing

Gambling-related venues at which PayPal may prohibit transactions include:

  • Forums that offers gambling services such as person to person betting
  • Intermediaries used to place bets or secure gambling licenses offshore
  • Gambling services such as providing gambling instructions, providing gambling tips or handicapping

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