LuckyStreak’s Promotional Tools are Leading the way in Player Retention

As players who review and rate gambling sites daily, we understand the importance of engaging features for both brands and punters. Of course, online casinos require us, as players, to keep wagering in order to turn a profit. But it’s also vital for an online casino to be appealing past the initial attraction phase of the welcome bonus.

Too often, online casinos overly focus on the competitive task of getting players in the door. While this is paramount to their success the real triumph falls in their retention of players. LuckyStreak has been paving the way for brands with its highly engaging promotional tools.

But what are these tools and how can we benefit from them as players?

The Science behind Player Engagement

To understand how we can make use of promotional tools like that of Luckystreak, we first need to comprehend the basic science of customer retention, also known as player engagement.

Player engagement can be dissected into two main parts. Both of which play an essential role in keeping us entertained. Combining fun and alluring elements that are designed for a specific ongoing and rewarding purpose is what is necessary to keep us wagering. If one of these aspects is slightly off, the engagement of a player breaks down, both must function in complete symbiosis.

Utilising LuckyStreaks Leaderboard Tournaments to Maximise Casino Entertainment

Gamification features have proven time and time again to be an attractive resource for us players. Considering we will be wagering on our favourite games at a given online casino anyway, why not accelerate the experience with lively tournaments that unleash our inner competitive edge.

This is where LuckyStreak hit the nail on the head, offering engaging leaderboard tournaments which allow us to boost our winnings while battling it out for top spots on the player leaderboard. The beauty of this is, whether you win or lose you still gain points by completing various side bets and bets in the masses to grow points while seeing your name on the leaderboard. In most cases, the more you play, the more points you earn. Within some tournaments which we will touch on later, winners are pulled at random giving every player the ability to be a winner.

So, how does wagering at an online casino with a LuckyStreak leaderboard tournament fully maximise your casino entertainment?

Players of all Bankrolls & Experience Levels can Join in on the Fun

Online tournaments enhance the experience of a player of all casino playing levels. New players can benefit immensely from the inclusive nature of wagering at online casino tournaments. They allow for both new and experienced punters to wager on a range of promoted casino games (both RNG and live) keeping engagement to a maximum amount for all punters.

On top of that, LuckyStreak tournaments are suitable for all player bankrolls, including those who wish to wager at the minimum or maximum bet amount. Depending on the operator, tournament points are earned by performing a number of actions, from side bets to the volume of bets on the specific game in question.

Chance to Win Extra Cash without any Extra Effort

Again depending on the operator, prizes will be won in a number of ways. This will depend on the method by which the tournament is set up. For instance, LuckyStreak provides randomly selected jackpots in which a winner is drawn at random. The amount won is either fixed or progressive, depending on the jackpot.

Other promotions include the leaderboard jackpot, winner here at taken from the top spots of the leaderboard. Top-ranked players gain prizes that can be fixed or progressive, so in this case, the more points to obtain over the given time limit the closer you become to the top prize provided by the online casino.

One key draw for players that also drives engagement for online casino are prize draws live. As experienced live dealer players, you will understand the benefit of watching wins land in real-time. The human touch to these often computerised games can increase our in-game attention massively.

How to know if an online casino is offering Online Casino Promotional Tools

Online casino operators have been utilising customized welcome announcements more frequently across their brands. This ensures players have a more in-depth knowledge of the promotional tools onsite. In-game pop-ups and announcements steer players in the direction of tournaments allowing more players to wager more and in turn increase the prizes of progressive jackpots. This is what Luckystreak implements in a strategic fashion, ensuring players can find attractive tournaments without any effort jumping around the brand for a specific section.


Promotional tools that enhance our player engagement have been proven to maximise our attention in gameplay. This benefits us, players, as games become even more thrilling and potential winnings increase significantly.

The integration of live dealer tournaments by LuckyStreak has made the company stand and become attractive for many online casino brands thus we expect to see these promotional tools used in more UK slot sites in the coming months. If you want to find out how LuckyStreak operators are benefiting from these promotional tools, check out their latest post on how to Supercharge engagement with LuckyStreak’s Promotional Tools.

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