What Makes a Good Loyalty Program for Casino Players

A good loyalty program focuses on the ever-evolving desires and wants of casino players. The first goal of any loyalty program is to reward players for joining, regular deposits and activity at the casino, although the reward is as important as the process part of building customer loyalty.

While research and studies show how a loyalty program can increase the lifetime of the player, the top brands know that 93% of players still prefer excellent customer service. No special VIP membership, amount of loyalty points, or any other reward can beat the value of old-fashioned friendly and helpful customer care.

A loyalty program at the best online casinos is simply the cherry on top, players return to enjoy brilliant entertainment and exceptional customer support and services. New online slot sites know that once the latter two elements are perfect, member loyalty comes naturally, while an awesome customer loyalty program will appeal to players who like or need a tad more encouragement.

Why Do Gambling Sites Have a Loyalty Program

The three principles behind most loyalty programs are the motivation to sign up or engage, reward regular behaviour and encouragement to continue and the use of effective rewards that could inspire commitment to the casino, long-term.


The first goal of any gambling site loyalty program is to get the player’s attention. The reward that proves most effective in motivating passing players to become new members, is a no deposit bonus sign up bonus. The benefits to the new member are playing and being able to win real money without spending money.


Loyalty programs encourage and reward the valuable behaviour of new and existing members. This ensures regular activity at the casino while players are encouraged to repeat regular play to reach new loyalty levels and enjoy better rewards.


Due to the fierce competition in online gambling, member commitment doesn’t come easy and great offers often grab the attention of players. Once a casino member has built up points and reached higher levels part of the loyalty program, extra or improved benefits follow. Sudden or impulsive switching to a different casino becomes less attractive.

How Do Loyalty Programs Work

Loyalty programs are highly successful in all types of businesses, which brings us to one question, what makes incentives so effective in motivating engagement or improving performances or encouraging long-term relationships.

The incentive theory dates back to the 1940s era of major psychological theories regarding motivation. The incentive theory states that people are attracted to behaviours leading toward rewards, and pull away from any behaviour that could end up in negative consequences. In short, players enjoy actions that lead to rewards. The theory of incentives only remains effective while members value the reward.

What Type of Players Join Loyalty Programs

Players that join an online casino loyalty program expect the casino to care about them, by earning rewards and reaching new levels, they feel important to the casino.

  • Online casino members join loyalty rewards programs for the rewards that recognize their loyalty and make them feel special.
  • Players join loyalty programs since it is effective in gaining access to extra bonuses and other benefits.
  • Many younger generation players are familiar with rewards in playing other types of games and enjoy the points reward system that allows the member to choose bonus rewards or incentives.
  • Gamification casino loyalty programs include status updates according to rewards program level achieved. Status is often even more important to the member than the rewards offered by such loyalty programs.
  • Casino members join reward programs focused on loyalty to save money by claiming bonuses via points instead of qualifying deposits.
  • Cashback bonuses inspire many players to join loyalty programs in hope that when they suffer losses a second chance would be all they need to come out top again.

How to Join a Loyalty Program in the UK

Joining a loyalty program in the UK vary from casino to casino, at most UK online casinos players are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program when they join the casino. At other online casinos, players need to join a loyalty program.

  • The first step in joining a loyalty program in the UK is to register for a free account at an online casino that offers a loyalty reward program.
  • Before joining the program it is necessary to read the terms and conditions to fully understand how loyalty points are earned and how many are needed to claim bonuses and other benefits.
  • Most online casino loyalty programs allow access to the rewards program once the new member opt-in.
  • To qualify for the first level part of a multi-level rewards program real money wagering on casino games is necessary.
  • Earning points on real money wagers in the UK depends on the amount mentioned in the T&C section.
  • Keeping track of your loyalty program level and the number of points earned is normally easy via your personal account page.

Customer Loyalty Programs: What makes them Successful

Loyalty programs are not something new, the first known form of loyalty marketing dates back to 1793. Different types of loyalty programs are used to reward casino members, although the focus remains to encourage casino members and reward regular play.

Earn & Burn Loyalty Rewards Program

The most simplistic is the earn and burn loyalty program, encouraging players to take desired actions in exchange for earning points. The member can burn or use the collected points to redeem a desired or preferred reward.

Multi-Tiered Loyalty Rewards Program

The other type is the tiered loyalty reward program, favoured for taking member engagement and activity to the next level. Adding a referral reward for word of mouth advertising brings another dimension to loyalty program success.

1. Satisfying Rewards

Online casinos have extensively researched the rewards that mean the most to players and members. The most satisfying rewards include bonuses such as no deposit bonuses requiring no monetary commitment from the player. Cashbacks provide members with a second chance to win back losses, free spins offering free exploring of new game features, free entrance into slot tournaments, slot races or redeeming cool branded stuff from casino exclusive stores.

2. Level Up System

Casino loyalty reward programs divided into multiple levels promises VIP rank to members reaching the highest ranks or at least the same benefits. Moving through levels requires the number of points specific to that level, each level offers either more free spins, a higher percentage cashback bonus, or greater point conversion rates. Reaching the top level usually includes a once-off free bonus, 24/7 assistance from a personal accounts manager, invitations to exclusive events, and higher deposit and withdrawal limits.

3. Account Managers for High Rollers

The primary responsibility of an online casino accounts manager is to ensure high rollers’ satisfaction, take care of the member’s requirements, and optimize the overall member experience. The benefit of personal account managers to high rollers is being informed first about highroller casino bonuses and upcoming promotions.

Account Managers Perfect the Personal Touch

Personal account managers instantly take care of any requests and often agree to larger bonuses. With being well acquainted with the high roller or VIP, account managers know the player’s interests, what excites him, and how to personalize gifts or exciting offers.

Where to Find a VIP Programs in the UK

Finding the truly remarkable VIP programs in the UK could involve visiting an endless number of different casino sites and still not finding exactly what you’re looking for. A sure way to obtain membership with a top VIP program is to visit TheSlotBuzz, read the comprehensive reviews based on facts, and visit the Best Slot Sites. All slot sites recommended by The Slot Buzz are regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The best way to benefit from VIP and loyalty reward programs is to play responsibly and always stay within your budget.

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