Everything a Slots Player Should Know about Casino Fees in the UK Gambling Industry

A survey conducted by the Gambling Commission regarding online gambling behaviour showed that mobile phones remain the most popular way in the UK to access online gambling. While mobile phones dominate access to online casinos and sports betting sites, a decline shows in access via laptops, tablets and PCs.

It was also found that most gambling activities still take place from within the home, although one in every five online gamblers do so away from home. Other interesting facts revealed by the survey include that most players on average hold three accounts at online gambling companies, younger gamblers hold more than that.

The majority of online sports betting enthusiasts have placed in-play bets and again the highest number is reported for the younger demographic. eSports betting continues to grow and the growth is mostly fueled by younger males.

Drastic Shift in Gambling Industry

Over the past few years, there’s been a major shift in the ways online players gamble, online gambling or remote gambling is now the largest industry and generates well over £5.7 bn in the UK.

The shifting trend is further emphasized by a consecutive increase in participation in online gambling, whereas the statistic showed that one in four people gambled in the past month, the same survey was done previously in Great Britain found one in six gambled, five years ago.

A quarterly online survey adds another piece of the important jigsaw and is more focused on online gambling behaviour, such as safer gambling, advertising standards and marketing. In terms of online gambling access, smart TV remains a niche, even with Ofcom data showing that over half of the UK homes, around 57% have smart TV’s, which seems to hold untapped potential for online gambling companies.

While 95% of online gambling still takes place at home, it is followed by 15% taking place at the workplace, 12% while travelling, 8% at a club or pub and 5% at a sports event such as dog or horse track.

Online Gambling Companies & Survey Results

The survey results provide gambling operators with the facts, which shows they need to focus on the needs of players who only play at one or more online gambling operators. Having a fuller understanding of the behaviour of players and those that could be susceptible to harm.

Even though mobile casino games offer everyone the opportunity to gamble on the go, at home is still the most preferable place to play slot machines and other games.

Online Tracker Survey

The gaming council collects data conducted by Yonder Consulting, which shows the online behaviour of players. The survey also combines the data sourced via Yonder with data by the (PAMCO) Publishers Audience Measurement Company based on age, gender, working status, region, and social grade.

What Fees Can We Expect When Gambling Online in the UK?

The three main objectives of the UK Gambling Commission is to protect the vulnerable from exploitation or gambling-related harm, ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly and keep crime out of gambling.

The UKGC is one of the most respected licensing authorities and a public body part of the Government of the UK responsible for supervising the UK gambling law and regulating gambling. Its remit includes lotteries, slot machines, bingo games, betting, casinos, arcades and remote gambling. The gambling commission issues operating licenses, and advises the government on issues relating to gambling.

Gambling Act 2005

After fifteen years in which the Gambling Act 2005 remained the basis for all gambling regulations in Great Britain, it was reviewed to ensure suitability for the digital age. As with the economy and everything else, gambling changed enormously, especially with mobile devices providing players with an opportunity to enjoy online casino gambling from anywhere.

Plus fast-paced innovation in advertising and product design brought with it new possibilities to harness technology in protecting players. The UKGC felt it was time to ensure its regulatory framework was effective or if it needed to focus on further protection.

The power to enforce and set license conditions are with the gambling commission, its main aim is to reach the perfect balance. Gambling is fun and while the freedom of adults are respected in the way they wish to spend their money, the gaming council also value a responsible industry that provides jobs, protect players and pays taxes.

Government & Gambling Commission

The government and the gambling commission work in harmony which is the main reason for significant progress over the past years. The 2016 Review of Social Responsibility Measures and Gaming Machines led to legislating in which the maximum stake was reduced to £2 on fixed-odds betting terminals.

Identity Verification Requirements Tightens & GAMSTOP Mandatory for Gambling Operators

Only 18 months later the gambling commission tightened rules on identity account verification requirements at casinos. Next was the banning of credit cards which also made GAMSTOP mandatory for all online operators. GAMSTOP is a national online self-exclusion scheme.

Tighter Requirements

Stepping back and reviewing the gambling act provided the gambling commission to plan a few improvements. These are mostly tighter requirements to ensure operators correctly use available tools to protect players. This includes affordability checks and interventions.

Social Responsibility & Prevention of Gambling Related Harm

The tighter regulations brought new VIP scheme restrictions and new protections on the design of online slots games. The Department for Social and Health Care continues to expand to improve gambling-related harm treatment alongside other addictions such as alcohol and drugs.

The government got leading operators to increase the donations by tenfold to gambling research, treatment and education. At the same time, it announced the opening of 15 specialist clinics as part of the Long-Term NHS Plan to expand the geographical coverage of services for people experiencing gambling problems.

Betting and Gaming Council Enforce License Conditions

The gambling industry took voluntary action in terms of public concern and banned televised betting before and during live sports. This is after the Advertising Standards Authority reported that exposure to gambling advertising remained the same for six years. Around 2.5 ads related to gambling, each week was bingo games and lotteries.

As with so many other sectors, the focus shifted to social media and advertising online. The UK advertising codes are clear, gambling advertising is not allowed during times when programmes show that appeal to children.

Licensed operators are to adhere to rules regarding online advertising and advertising practice guidelines regarding other forms of attracting new members. This includes free gaming machines, which are no longer available at all online sites, but only to registered members at online casinos.

Age Verification Controls

Such advertising is in direct conflict with gambling regulations regarding underage gambling. The legal gambling age in Great Britain is 18 and stricter gambling regulations are in place regarding the use of age verification controls at online gambling firms. Several tools are available to online gambling sites to protect children.

Compliance and enforcement powers are in place to ensure these are complied with. Young people and children can also be harmed via the gambling habits of family members due to financial harm or neglect.

Money Laundering

Gambling, whether it is land-based gambling or online gambling is a magnet for those who intend on processing the funds collected via crime, this is called money laundering. Regular practice is that at live casinos the money gets converted into chips, then played and cashed out.

The Gambling Commission in Great Britain published revisions to the remote and non-remote casino operators guidance regarding combating financing terrorism and prevention of money laundering. The latest version came into effect near the end of 2020 substituting for highlighted paragraphs of the License conditions and codes of practice.

UKGC Protect Player Interests

UK Gambling Law and Licensing

The few paragraphs above are but a few of the UK Gambling Commission rules and regulations, although necessary to understand a little more about all the ways used by the UKGC to protect the interests of players and to promote safer gambling conditions for all.

Fair Gambling Regulations

Several regulations are in place to ensure a fair and open way to enjoy online gambling, to keep its gambling license an online casino need to adhere to all gambling laws, correctly apply gambling regulation tools to prevent gambling harm and offer online gambling products in a socially responsible manner.

Fair gambling regulations include all games including every slot machine to be tested by UKGC approved testing agencies and certified as fair and RNG. There are no such systems in place for unlicensed operators, which not only neglects to adhere to the rules and regulations but also delay payouts and set unreasonably high wagering requirements on bonuses.

Advantages of Playing at Casinos with UKGC Licenses

The UKGC not only have strict rules in place to ensure the well-being of land-based casino and online casino players. But also regulations regarding real event betting, free bets, in-play betting, betting shops, advertising, reasonable wagering, and processing withdraws within reasonable times.

The biggest advantage is that the UKGC constantly monitors casino with UKGC operating licenses and do not shy away from applying penalties to any casino not adhering to the rules.

Enjoy The Protection of the UK Gambling Commission

In summary, the advantages to players include fair gaming, protection, operator accountability and player funds being kept separately. The purpose of the Gambling Commission is to prevent players from being targeted by gambling companies or being scammed. The UKGC is responsible for providing operating licenses to casinos that behave responsibly and agree to upheld all rules and regulations.

Finding A Safe, Regulated UKGC Online Casino

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