Would Doubling the Fun Make You Play Longer?

Doubling up means twice the thrills, double the excitement, duplicating delight, a repeat in pleasure, cloned joy and ultimately double the fun. The doubling concept changes when applied to different situations, in terms of bets, doubling make your chances of winning greater or better, although it could make the results of losing much worse. One of the most popular doubling betting systems is the Martingale often used by players when they play craps, roulette or other card games.

The desire to win is linked to dopamine a chemical in your brain linked to enjoyment and pleasure. Winning means to gain, get an advantage, to gain the first position or to get a prize. Winning can take on many forms although it spells victory whether it’s via scoring points, ending with a heap of poker chips stacked in front of you or besting your opponent on the golf course. Regardless of the game you play, whether it’s Vegas-style card games, board games or real money games, the player’s hand or player with the highest points win.

Nothing beats the excitement of winning and for as long as you win, you continue playing. Winners increase their chances of winning and playing longer by finding ways to increase their odds of winning, even better, doubling or tripling their chances! Keep reading to find out more about increasing your chances of winning when you enjoy real money casino games.

Play Blackjack

In blackjack, double down means increasing your initial bet by 100%, by placing the bet of the same value next to the original, the dealer deals one more card. In this popular game of skill, participants compete against the dealer and not each other. The objective of the game is to create hand or card totals that are higher than that of the dealer not exceeding 21.

Another way to double enjoyment in blackjack is the split option, allowing you to created two hands in the same game via two cards of the same value. It is like playing two games since each hand is played independently. Should the dealer show an ace, a side bet called an insurance bet is allowed and can cost up to half the current bet, but the player wins 2 to 1 if the dealer has a blackjack. The rules in most casinos enable the dealer to look at the down card and take the insurance bet immediately and pay off in others it waits till the game ends.

Card Games Doubling Fun

One of the most talked-about card games in terms of doubling your fun is a bridge. It’s an easy game to learn in which the dealer deals 13 cards to all players, one at a time. The object of the game is for each partnership to score points via making a bid or in defeating the bid of the opposing partnership. The side with the most points wins.

When any of the sides reach a score point of 100 or more below the line, they win the game. The side that wins the first game becomes vulnerable and its objective is to win in the second game, which earns them a bonus. Should a side succeed in winning their second game, the score is totalled since the rubber is over. The side with the most points wins the game. There are also ways to score a premium bonus when a doubled contract is made by the declarer while a redoubled score award an even bigger bonus.

How Do You Receive Double your Deposit in Bonus Funds?

The new slot sites listed on TheSlotBuzz top 20 list offers you a sure way to double your deposit in bonus funds. No previous gambling experience is needed, this is not an offer exclusive to high rollers, or professional players.

What makes the offer at new online slot sites super exciting is that is available to all new members, which means anyone older than 18 registering a new account qualifies. To receive the bonus that can not only doubles your deposit via a 100% match bonus but even triple your investment via a 200% match bonus is quick and it’s easy.

But just what is involved? The first step is to read the welcome bonus terms and conditions. The second is to deposit an amount equal or higher to the minimum required which activates the bonus. A huge variety of banking methods ensure fast and secure depositing and a variety of currencies are accepted.

Why are these Casino Bonuses so Enticing?

The number of reasons why online casino bonuses are so enticing is almost endless. Regardless of your game strategy, or gambling system, none increases your odds of winning by 200% and the major difference is that you triple your bankroll before you even start playing.

Whether you accept a 100% match bonus that doubles your starting bankroll or a 200% welcome bonus that triples it. It massively increase your chances of winning, you have a much bigger bankroll which allows you to play longer and allows you to enjoy more games since you have two or three times the amount you invested.

You Get to Play Longer

The fact of the matter is that should you accept a bonus and deposit £100 the bonus matches your deposit by 200%, which gives you a bankroll of £300 to play with. It allows you to enjoy a few spins on most games during your first spinning adventure, which means you not only get to play longer but a larger variety of top online slots.

Depending on the rules in the bonus T&C, bonus money does not restrict you to slots but also allows betting on table games. Enjoy not only one round but multiple rounds on table games, or increase the size of your bet up to the maximum allowed via the T&C. Plus, you get to try them all, if you hold the highest card, you can easily increase your bet or up it once you viewed your cards before the next player gets to play.

Score Points

The more you win via your doubled or tripled bankroll the more you get to withdraw once you’ve successfully completed the bonus requirements. Joining one of the best new sites also instantly adds you to the loyalty rewards program, which means the more active you are via your desktop or mobile device the more points you collect. Collect enough points and you can claim free bonuses to increase your chances of winning even further.

The Cons of Bonuses that Aren’t Obvious

The key to taking full advantage of any bonus, whether it’s a registration bonus or welcome package is reading the terms and conditions. Once players start with full knowledge of what is needed in terms of wagering, bonus maximum bet limits, withdrawal caps and the bonus period. There is basically no space left for any cons part of the bonuses offered at online casinos.

Poker Chips, Free Spins or Match Bonus

The point of reading the bonus terms and conditions is to first determine if it offers extra play on the games you enjoy. For example, a bonus offering poker chips will appeal to poker players since this bonus offers extra or longer play exclusive to specified poker games.

Free spins bonuses offer extra or bonus spins in a specific slot, or a few casino pre-selected slots and sometimes it could be valid on slots created by a specified developer.

Match deposit bonuses in general offer more freedom in terms of games, although these do come with a bet limit. Should you play on games for example that is excluded from the bonus or wager more than the specified maximum bet, you forfeit your winnings and the bonus.

Higher Wagering Requirements

Higher wagering requirements are normally part of no deposit bonuses. Although, the wagering requirements not only differ from one casino to another but also between different types of promotional offers.

What is most important in wagering requirements is to check if wagering is required on the bonus amount only or the bonus plus the activating deposit. It is also vital to check the period in which you need to complete the wagering requirements and the games excluded from it.

Can’t Cash out Winnings Immediately

Taking advantage of the sensational benefits of a welcome bonus or any other bonus that comes with T&C. These are listed and explained in the bonus rules or terms and conditions section, read it first and you can massively increase your chances of cashing out winnings faster.

To achieve wagering success it is necessary to take into consideration the time you have to complete wagering, the percentage contributed to wagering via different game types and the game titles excluded from wagering.

Allocated Online Slots

One of the most fun and enjoyable bonuses at online slots sites are the free spins bonus. The winnings achieved via the free spins are subject to wagering before you can cash out. Most importantly, the free spins can only be used in the allocated online slot or slots. To claim the free spins you need to open the slot and the number of spins is already available in the game.

What Other Bonus Options are Popular in the UK

Online slot sites not only doubles your fun via an array of games by the finest game developers but also increase entertainment via newly released titles. To keep your bankroll boosted in a way that allows you to explore more, there is an exciting blend of other bonus options available to UK players.

Free Spins

Free spins come in many bonus forms, these include the no deposit free spins bonus, no deposit no wagering bonus, free spins deposit bonus, free spins levelling up bonus, and the free spins loyalty bonus. Across the board, this bonus offers you spins that are free and won’t reduce your bankroll.


The cashback bonus is a safety net, a bonus often called a second chance since it offers you a percentage back on your losses. This means the cashback bonus normally don’t require activation via a deposit, in some cases it is free of wagering or requires low playthrough. Just like all bonuses, cashback bonuses are well worth grabbing once players read the terms and conditions.

VIP Points

VIP points is the reward system online casinos use to thank members for regular play. It is a fair reward program that offers each player a type of personalized reward based on activity. Collected points can be used in various ways, it offers the player the freedom to choose how to enjoy it, it can be cashed out or traded for other bonuses or goodies at the online casino shop.

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