Best Payment Methods to use at Licensed Sites in the UK

The United Kingdom is a hub for innovation and technology and therefore licensed casinos offers a broad variety of trustworthy choices when it comes to safe and secure online payments. Convenient deposit and quick withdrawal techniques mean everything to online casinos players in the UK. Critical aspects for any online slots or casino games player include knowledge of successful techniques in casino payments and managing casino funds.

The best technique to manage all aspects of online gambling starts from the minute you decide to join an online casino. Apart from confirming that it is UKGC licensed, has strict security measures in place and offer fair gaming.

The most important decision-making facts are found in the banking section. This includes checking the list of service providers to confirm that the preferred payment service provider is available.

It is also important to check in which currencies casinos accept payments, which is normally listed on a separate payment page. Joining an online casino accepting online payments in multiple currencies is a sure way to avoid conversion costs.

Most UK casinos partner with all the most reliable payment providers to ensure members can make payments via the payment method they prefer and feel most comfortable with.

Some of the most popular options in accepting online payments include direct debit payments, credit card payments, debit cards, Apple pay, Google pay, bank transfer, eWallets, and vouchers.

While the new UKGC prevents UK licensed casinos from accepting credit card payments from UK residents. UK consumers can still use credit cards for cross border purchases, online shopping, online retail, online sales and at any online store. This means online shoppers purchasing from UK businesses still need to provide their card details to complete the online purchases.

For many shoppers and even more so online gamblers, security is most important and the risk part of sharing their most sensitive financial details online is far too great. This is one of the main reasons why online casinos that accept payments online via PayPal has seen a huge rise in new members. It is not only one of the easiest to use or fastest online payment methods but also the safest. Visit the PayPal page on TheSlotBuzz to view the list of top UK slot sites that accept PayPal.

Why It’s Important to Choose a Good Payment Method While Online Gambling

The most critical part of a seamless and enjoyable gambling experience is choosing a good payment method. This not only depends on the speed of payment services or payment processing but also transaction fees, and online transactions hidden fees. The main reasons are peace of mind, convenience, processing periods and cost-effectiveness.

Peace of Mind

Online gambling is seen by many as online entertainment and the only way to relax is to have peace of mind. This comes down to using the most secure payment gateway available, casinos players make recurring payments, which makes it even more important to use the safest way to pay online or fund their account.

There are many payment methods available, ranging from bank transfers to digital payments, card payments to direct debits. The most preferred payment method for many are wallets such as PayPal, a convenient, safe, easy to use solution.


The most convenient online payments option for most players is a bank account, debit cards or credit cards they already use. If the online casino accepts payments via these options it might be only natural why the player should fund his/her account via online payments made via his debit card, direct debit, bank transfer or credit card.

Although, having to share his/her debit card, credit card details with the casino via the internet is most inconvenient. The details required to process a card payment include the card number, cardholder name and expiry date.

Online credit card payment processing is referred to as a merchant account, it’s a chain of events that require a payment processor and payment gateway to move information across the internet and to make sure the business owner receives the correct payments.

This chain of events often sends the player on a search for alternative payment methods. With this comes the difficulty and time it takes to register and set up an alternative payment option, the costs involved and ease of use.

Processing Periods and Cost-Effectiveness

Withdrawals via credit cards are not available at UK online casinos and at other transactions via these options could incur service charges. Withdrawals are also not available via instant bank transfers and while cryptocurrencies offer withdrawals within one to two hours, it is not accepted at all casinos yet.

Withdrawals via bank transfers are popular with high rollers due to high limits, while several other methods have minimum deposit and withdrawal limits.

Best Payment Options at Online Casinos in 2022

The best payment option according to availability, ease of use, payment speeds, transaction limits, and safety at UK online casinos are e-wallets.

Cryptocurrencies constantly gain popularity but are not seen as a payment solution by many online players and are still not widely accepted at all online casinos.

The following wallets are arranged according to the number of casinos accepting this payment method, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, processing times and the number of players already using the service offered by the payment service provider.

There is no setup fee involved and the popular payment method are accepted at all the top UK online casinos.

  • PayPal
  • Trustly
  • Paysafecard

One of the main reasons why online players favour e-wallet payments for both funding their account and withdrawing their winnings is the fact that they don’t need to share their banking details.

Digital wallets or e-wallets are widely used for mobile shopping and mobile payments since most businesses accept payments via PayPal, Paysafecard and Trustly.


PayPal – PayPal is the most popular payment gateway for online players available at online and mobile casinos in the UK. It is a secure and safe method to use for playing slots and other casino games such as table games and live casino games.

PayPal is a fast payment solution available to players in terms of funding their accounts and the fastest of all when it comes to withdrawals. It is easy and simple to use, quick to set up and offers great customer support.

PayPal is one of the most widely accepted payment methods at online casinos offering the most popular slots, highest paying online slots, classic slots, progressive jackpots, and other casino games.

The biggest benefit of using PayPal is that it offers a high level of security since it avoids the need to share your financial or banking details with the casino, which instantly reduces any risk of fraud.

PayPal is a legal payment gateway accepted at UK licensed casinos and setting up an account is fast and only requires a few details. Funding your PaPal account is possible via your bank account or debit card.

Trustly Casinos

Trustly – Trustly is one of the best payment solutions to fund your account and withdraw your winnings instantly. Funds that are withdrawn from your online casino account processed via Trustly is placed directly into your bank account.

Trustly is a free payment gateway service offering online players a very secure way of funding their casino account and cashing out winning since it uses the highest levels of security.

This e-wallet payment solution is extremely easy to use and transactions are processed via a secure connection and protected via SSL encryption technology.

One of the biggest benefits apart from safety and ease of use is that no registering is needed to use this payment method. It is one of the most secure options available to UK residents and accepted at most UKGC licensed online and mobile casinos.

Paysafecard – Paysafecard is a brilliant pre-payment system that uses cash while allowing users to enjoy and participate in mobile and online gambling without the risk of sharing their bank card or bank account details.

Paysafecard is extremely popular due to low minimum deposit limits, this service is free and vouchers is purchased via cash. The only details a player need to provide to the casino is the PIN of the voucher.

Due to cash transactions, Paysafecard is also one of the easiest ways to control your online gambling expenses and to keep within your monthly budgets.

Accepted by most premier online casinos regulated by the UKGC, Paysafecard is legal to use in the UK and make it possible to enjoy the best mobile and online video slots and other games at the top UK online operators.

Fast Withdrawal Options for Slot Sites Online

The top UK slot sites cater to the preferences of high rollers, new and casual players by accepting multiple currencies and offering numerous deposit and withdrawal choices. The fastest withdrawals or payouts available is offered via PayPal, the withdrawal shows up immediately and can be transferred to your bank account.

Paysafecard offers gamblers payment flexibility by providing fast funding of accounts via a PIN using 16-digits. Withdrawals are easy, hassle-free and fast and can be deposited into the bank account linked.

Best Payment Options for High Rollers

UK gamblers have access to some of the best high stakes online casinos in the world, these cater to the specific needs of high rollers tired of being limited via deposit and withdrawal limits. UKGC licensed casinos sites for high rollers enables the player to enjoy the best games by placing high bets.

A special set of bonuses are available to the high roller who mostly qualify for all VIP benefits including priority withdrawals, personalized bonuses and services from a VIP manager. Payment options preferred by high rollers include bank transfers, Bitcoin, PayPal and Paysafecard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using PayPal at UK online casinos?

PayPal benefits include that it is easy and quick to use, it is an extremely reliable payment method. Most preferred for its safety offered via advanced encryption technology, strictly licensed making it perfect for the UK gambling markets and withdrawal times are short.

Which is the payment method offered at the top UKGC licensed casinos with great reputations?

Judged according to the top 10 UKGC licensed online casinos with exceptional reputations, PayPal is amongst the payment options at all. Although other popular payment methods such as cryptocurrencies are not available at all these casinos yet.

Which are the best online casino bonuses offered at UK PayPal casinos?

The best online casinos bonus is a personal choice and mostly depend on the players personal preferences, game choices and playing style. The most popular bonuses are often a packaged mix of free spins and bonus funds.

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