8 Reasons Why Online Slots are Better Than Table Games

Whether you’re in discussion with a casino expert who loves gambling online or at traditional casinos such as Las Vegas. If you ask how you can win the most money the answer always brings you back to the real question, which is best, slots or table games.

All casino games have their merits and before you can truly enjoy online casino gaming you need to know a bit more about the advantages offered by table games and slots. Table games offer a lower house edge, while one lucky spin can give you massive payouts.

As with all questions, it often depends on who you ask, in this instance it also matters what the person aims to gain by playing at an online casino or land-based casino. If it’s winning via strategy, then poker, roulette or baccarat might be the more attractive choices.

Should it be social interaction then blackjack at land-based casinos or live dealer could be preferable. If you want a challenge in the gambling industry, it’s probably table games such as blackjack at a table filled with professional players.

Should you ask an online slot machines fan, the list of reasons to play slots could continue for hours. This doesn’t mean slots are the better or worse option, just that there are more reasons why playing online slots attract a much bigger crowd than table games.

There are No Defined Strategies

Whether you’re part of the regular players at an online casino or real casino in table games the results or outcome depend on your strategic decisions and that of other players at the table. It is hardly a game of relaxing as you need to make a new set of choices in every round and it’s this challenge that appeals to table game players.

Regardless of whether you prefer the convenience of online slot games or play at traditional casinos, spinning the reels are relaxing and calming. You basically need no strategy, decisions include selecting how much you wish to wager and if you want to press spin every time or rather want to watch as autoplay does it all for you. The decisions of other players do not have any effect on the outcome, it’s a game allowing you to enjoy playing at the speed you prefer.

Better Prizes Can be Won

Pirate Pays Symbol

When it comes to winning better payouts or prizes based on the amount you wager, then a single spin can trigger a progressive jackpot win, which settles the comparison before it even starts. This takes us to the amount you can play in online slot machines per round versus the amount you would normally wager during other games.

Most slot games allow you to wager as low as 0.01 per payline when you gamble online. Even at the lowest bet you still stand a chance to hit the biggest payouts in a single spin. It is a great opportunity for gamblers to stick to their entertainment budget and still enjoy hours of gameplay.

One of the great benefits of online gambling is the free slots that allow you to practice first and to get to know the bonus features before you switch to real casino money play.

There is no limit on the number of spins you can enjoy in free or demo play, which means you can have as much fun as you wish, 24 hours a day. Although a few card games are available in demo or free play, not many poker or card game players use this option.

No Limits to Number of Players

Unless you gamble online, you might reach a table that is full and you’d have to wait to enjoy your favourite table game. Online slot players never experience any delays and can enjoy spinning regardless of the time of day or night.

At on-land casinos, the possibility to find an open seat at a slot machine is far greater than that at poker or baccarat tables. Many players believe a seat at the end of the row is the luckiest and even that is often available.

On the other side of the coin, you might have to wait for more players to join at blackjack tables, while slot machines offer one player online gambling entertainment. Even tournament events don’t require all participants to be playing online at the same time. This is also one of the reasons why online gambling and playing online are way more time lenient and convenient.

Anyone Can Beat the House

While many a gambler believes that the perfect strategy could beat the house, which is part of their constant change in strategic play. A few gamblers have succeeded by counting cards, although those are rare and only a few manage to enjoy success consistently.

Slots are a whole different story, slot machines require lower wagers and actually accept low amounts of money every time and are programmed to offer a specific payout percentage. While we’re on the topic, the payout percentage of slots at online casinos are much higher than that offered by on-land casinos.

Normally gamblers can find the payout percentage on the last page of the paytable, which gives them an exact idea of what the machine will pay out on average. When it comes to fair play, all online slots have to pass rigorous random number generator tests and be certified to offer fair RNG payouts.

Online Slots are Easy and Convenient to Play

Raining coins slot

Playing online is way more convenient in the sense that you can play from the comfort of your home and no travelling is involved. You never ever have to wait to enjoy your favourite title and you can press spin every minute or take long breaks in between, there is no rush since no one is looking over your shoulder to see when you’d be done. Plus there is absolutely no interruptions from others as you often get at casinos, either asking how long you’d be or if the machine pays well.

The well-explained rules and detailed payouts ensure that anyone can enjoy the online game with ease. Mostly it only requires you to select your wager, sometimes you can choose the number of active paylines and that’s it. Some of the latest releases also offer bonus bets or bonus buy features, which is basically an addition bet added via a single click of your mouse.

While gambling worlds such as Vegas attracts huge crowds via the bright lights and fancy casino layouts. New online slots offer the best online graphics and audio effects and way more bonus features unmatched by land-based casino slot machines.

More Varied Play Options

In terms of variety which is king in all aspects of entertainment, nothing in the world beats the endless range of slot options available online. The same can be said for the wide selection of the latest slots launched monthly by numerous online game developers.

HTML5 technology made it possible for all online slots to be available across multiple mobile devices. Full access to thousands of titles while mobile players are not required to download any software on devices. This extends the variety of play options, whether players play for fun via free or demo mobile slots or real money mobile slots.

The varied play options also include the number of reels or paylines, for example, a classic slot normally features a single payline across three reels. It is the perfect choice for players enjoying online slot machines offering relaxing play with good combination payouts, since most of these come with hardly any feature bonuses.

One of the most favoured online casinos is video slot machines, these are packed with bonus features such as free spins, scatters, wilds, multipliers, bonus rounds and bonus games. The number of features in the online slots world continues to increase and wilds now include walking wilds, multiplier wilds, random wilds, and expanding wilds. One of the latest additions is the option to buy or purchase bonus rounds such as free spins at an additional betting cost.

It is almost unfair to bring the life-altering wins offered by a progressive jackpot slot machine into the conversation as in online gambling the jackpot not only grows much quicker but also reaches much higher values.

Great Themes and Soundtracks

To provide players with new slot machines offering the latest soundtracks and the most interesting themes a casino needs unlimited space. As a matter of interest, no less than 100 new video slots are released by software developers monthly. Basically online slot fans have access to brand new releases daily, while card and table game releases take place at a much slower rate.

The list of slot machine themes in online gambling is endless, these vary from adventure to mystery, ancient treasures to wild animals. Fruit slots are still amongst the most favoured while other food themes include desert and pizza themes. Which explains why Hell’s Kitchen is one of the most popular branded slots.

The most popular slots themes are 3D branded slots bringing the most-watched television series and box office hits to gambling. In most of these the developer work in close cooperation with the brand owners allowing them to huge movie soundtracks and scenes as part of the video slot.

Remarkable graphical and audio technology combined with HTML5 ensure mobile and online players enjoy the phenomenal visual and sound effects in gambling.

The industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world and has been for many years, which means no costs are cut to create entertainment that appeals to video gamers and the most demanding gamblers. The best part is that great themes and incredible soundtrack will only get better since there is no slowing down in gambling or new technology.

Online Slots are More Entertaining to Play

Few, if any form of entertainment is as entertaining as playing slots online, this includes benefits such as cost-effectiveness, convenience, fair gaming, RNG results, variety, huge wins and bonuses. It is possible for slot enthusiasts to enjoy the best titles without spending any money via free slot machines. These can be enjoyed via your computer or mobile browser which eliminates any downloads.

Online Casino Slot Machines Bonuses

There are also other ways to enjoy free play online slot machines, such as match bonuses and casino free spins. The bonus in gambling most used to attract new members are no deposit free spins.

Most online casinos welcome anyone of legal gambling age registering a new account via a no deposit free spins bonus. The bonus activates once the application form is completed and the new member confirms his/her email address by taking action via the e-mailed link sent to the computer or mobile device.

The free spins offer real money playing on the pre-selected slot, no first deposit needed unlike any other bonuses and with a bit of luck and once wagering is completed the winnings can be withdrawn. Should anything be unclear you can contact support via several communication options 24 hours a day, which means your every visit is guaranteed to be without any worry or hassle.

Online Casinos Welcome Bonuses

Online gambling is are way more entertaining since online casino members enjoy huge bonus boosts that not only provides prolonged playing, or experience a larger variety but also increase the chances of winning.

It all starts with registering a new account, confirming your email address and providing all the documentation needed as part of the signup process. The next step in starting your online casino journey is to ensure your first deposit is equal or higher to the minimum required, as this offers you access to more money to play.

If you accept a 200% welcome bonus you’d be playing with triple the amount you deposited and with a bit of luck, you could be in the pound seats much quicker. The most important thing about welcome offers or any other bonus is to read the terms and conditions before you accept the bonus.

The main advantage of online casinos is the wide variety of payment methods and most casinos accept multiple currencies that save exchange costs. The biggest advantage of course is that you can withdraw all your winnings in real money and if you join a UKGC licensed casino you never need to worry about long-pending periods or delays.

You can use the same username and password to log into your account via any of your mobile devices, no need to sign up again and you can enjoy a huge variety of games apart from slots such as bingo, live dealer games, sports betting, table and card games.

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