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UK GC Seeks Input From Online Gamblers on New Regulation

As we know, the UK Gambling Commission has been working hard in recent years to improve regulation that protects the customer.

And now, for the first time the body that regulates online gambling in the UK is involving the betting public themselves, as well as licensees, in the latest changes that will see age and identity verification checks strengthened to protect children and vulnerable people form gambling.

Online gamblers are being asked to comment on proposed changes to the License Conditions and Codes of Practice that will require operators to make three additional verification checks on new customers:

1. The age of customers before they can deposit money or gamble, or access the free versions of the games.
NOTE: Under current rules, operators have 72 hours in which to verify a new customers’ age, during which time that customer may deposit and gamble, but not withdraw. In reality, most operators carry out age checks at registration as they check against the electoral role.
2. The identity of a customer, including name, address, date of birth and email address, before they are allowed to gamble.
3. The name associated with the customers payment option matches that of the gambling account holder.

The Gambling Commission Programme Director, Brad Enright, said: “Our aim is to protect children, reduce gambling-related harm and keep gambling fair and crime-free.

“We would encourage anyone with an interest in gambling matters to read our consultation and ensure they have their say on these proposals.”
The UK GC has also said that it will work with service providers to the industry like identification verification solution providers to implement better systems to protect children.

If you would like to provide feedback to the UK GG on its proposals, you can do so on their website.

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