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Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slot RTP, Review and Recommended Slot Sites

A candy crush-style cluster-pays slot with a low-ish volatility, a 96.42 percent RTP, and a maximum jackpot of 28,305 coins. There are level-ups with more sweets, as well as a slew of delectable extras like Candy Bombs and endless Free Spins.

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Slot Game Profile
Release Date: 2018
Studio: Betsoft
Game Type: 3D Video Slot
RTP: 96.42%
Variance: Low
Reels: 7
Paylines: Cluster Pays
Stake Range: 0.01 to 1.0 Coins
Game Features: Cluster Pays, Wilds, Free Spins, Candy Bombs, Level-Ups

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped

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This is the sequel to Betsoft’s original Candy Dip slot machine. If you liked the first one, you’ll appreciate this one even more. It’s still reminiscent of Candy Crush Saga, and it’s jam-packed with features.

Indeed, in many respects, this one resembles one of those Facebook social games, complete with levelling up and incentives. To Betsoft’s credit, they’ve successfully blended the two types, and with a low to medium volatility, this game will appeal to slot gamers of all shapes and sizes.

The basic game feature differs from a standard slot game in that winning spins are defined by Clusters rather than paylines, and if you can construct five or more clusters in a single play, you can trigger a Candy Bomb that explodes across the reels.

When you establish a winning cluster, like in other cluster games, those symbols burst and are replaced with new ones, allowing you to construct more clusters and win many times in one spin.

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Some Important Information About Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped

  • This is a Cluster Pays slot with a 7×7 reel layout. To complete a winning spin, you must form a cluster of matching symbols.
  • Gumdrops, Caramel Chews, Candies Canes and lollipops, as well as Fizzypop candy and Jellybeans, make up the emblems, which are all different coloured and flavoured sweets of all shapes and sizes.
  • The coin denominations vary from 0.01 to 1.00.
  • The bonus round can offer up to 27 free spins, which can be re-triggered an endless number of times.
  • When five or more symbols occur in a cluster, a wild symbol appears, which replaces all other symbols save the Level-Up and Scatter.
  • This game has a decent RTP of 96.42 percent.
  • The Level Up symbols initiate level-ups, which appear in the meter to the right of the game screen. With each successive level, you receive additional sweet symbols, increasing your chances of winning.

How It Works: Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped

Because there is so much going on, this game can feel a little confusing at times, and it does take some time to figure out.

However, the fundamentals are straightforward: to generate winning spins, you must build clusters of symbols. When a cluster lands, all of the symbols in it burst and are replaced by new ones ( a kind of cascading reels affect).

There are various features in the base game:

Bombs of Candy

A Candy Bomb is triggered when you land five or more clusters in a row. The bomb becomes more powerful as the number of symbols in your winning cluster increases, damaging more of the spaces surrounding it. This is how it works:

5 Winning Clusters — The bomb impacts a six-candie region.
6 Winning Clusters — Each bomb impacts a nine-candie region.
7 Winning Clusters — Bomb effects a 12-candie area.
Winning Clusters 8 and 9 — The bomb impacts a sixteen-candie region.
10 Winning Clusters — Bomb effects a 20-candie area.

And, of course, a wild symbol is added to each cluster of five or more symbols, allowing for even greater payouts.

Level Ups

Keep an eye on the level-up trail metre to the right of the screen to see how many levels you’ve gained. You gain one level each time a level-up sign lands. This can begin with your first spin.

You’ll be able to add unique candy to the reels as you level up. When a large chocolate egg emerges on the reels and then explodes, revealing a new sweet, they are disclosed. There are other sorts, including Morphing Wilds, which transform into nearby symbols, Jelly Beans, which shoot out of the Jelly Bean canon, and a Sweet Hammer, which squashes various candies.

Basically, you should know that there’s a lot of crazy activity going on here, and it’s all in good fun. Get in there at any time to learn more!

Bonus Round with Free Spins

You must land a cluster of four or more Free Spins symbols to activate the Free Spins round. The following is the number of spins awarded:

5 Free Spins for 4 Symbols
7 Free Spins for 5 Symbols
27 Free Spins for 15 Symbols

During the bonus round, you may keep increasing to your Free Spins total by scoring more Free Spins symbols.


Because of all the features, level ups, and extra events that are tossed in as you move through the game, Sugar Pop 2 is quite a complicated little beast. It’s also a lot of fun, and it’s definitely worth a try just for the experience, since it’s unlike most other slots on the market right now. Sugar Dip 2 is never boring since Betsoft has successfully combined a traditional slot theme with the social gaming structure.

Sugar Pop 2 is a game that you can play at Casino Gods.

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