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Odin: Protector of Realms

The Norse mythology’s ruler will provide you the chance to gather up to 120 emblems from 37 beehive places. Bronze, Silver, or Gold forges will be rewarded if you match them in the hexagonal cascading reel. The major spears that Odin will utilise as wild bonuses are Wisdom, Power, and Glory! As a result, lower-valued symbols will be replaced by higher-valued symbols! Play’n GO’s epic protector has a medium volatility and a variable RTP that may reach 96,2 percent.

Odin: Protector of Realms Slot Review

Where Can I Play Odin: Protector of Realms Slot?

All ABOUT Odin: Protector of Realms

Honey Rush and Hammerfall, both from Play’n GO, were most likely the inspiration for this position. Both of these games have a lot of promise!

There are a lot of winning combinations in this unusual heroic themed game. You can get those combinations by collecting the same sorts of symbols in cascades of clusters.

This game is ideal for all tastes, regardless of how much you’re ready to lose, with a minimum spin of $0.20 and a maximum of $100. The greatest payout you can get is 5,000x, which yields a whooping 500,000 if you do the math.


You shouldn’t anticipate normal reels from a game based on Nordic mythology. The odd 7 reels are made in a hexagonal pattern of 4,5,6,7,6,5,4. They also include 37 innovative and colourful hexagonal symbols.

The payments are displayed in terms of money values, making it easier to grasp your winnings.

Different coloured Rune Stones represent lower value symbols. Hunting Horns, Shields, Swords, and Hummers are all higher-value emblems, with the Hummer being the most lucrative of the lot. This mysterious world slot was created by combining all of them!

By swapping symbols with ones that lead to your winnings, the Wild symbol increases your chances of winning. The awards are distributed in five winning clusters, each of which can help you earn 5,000 times your bet.


Even though the game appears to be challenging, catching the point is not difficult. If you match the proper symbols, you can win up to 5,000 times your entire investment.

Given the medium volatility of the Odin: Protector of Realms slot, the highest reward is pretty considerable. Even if you don’t exactly get it, you’ll be pleased with the several additional rewards!

The RTP of Odin: Protector of Realms varies, but it may reach 96.2%. It does, however, start at 84,25, which is a little lower than the industry average.

Features and Gameplay

Clusters of 5 or more matching symbols will present you with a winning combination at the start, when all 37 symbols are ready. Once you’ve hit a winning combination, the symbols will vanish and be replaced by new ones, resulting in fresh possible winning combinations.

Matching symbols of increasing worth will get you one of three fabricated prizes: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Odin’s Wild Spear will unleash three of the powerful God’s abilities: Wisdom, Power, and Glory, all of which will aid you in achieving your goal!

Payouts for Odin: Protector of Realms

You may play with 37 symbols using only 5 cluster paylines on 7 hexagonal reels. You may gather all 120 symbols using a variety of talents in the role of features!

To make a winning combination, you must have 5 or more symbols of the same sort in a cluster.

The RingMaster Feature: Odin: Protector of Realms

This is where you’ll gather your winning symbols. This functionality will be enabled if you have gathered enough of the same symbols. One or more Rings will be triggered based on the results.

Bronze will be activated if 30 winning symbols have been found. Silver Forged Odin: Protector of Realms – Forged Ring Feature is triggered by 70 winning symbols. Gold Forged Odin: Protector of Realms – Forged Ring Feature is triggered by 120 winning symbols.

By offering you more matching symbols in a cluster, the Forged Ring will lead you to several winning combinations:

  • Bronze Forged will create 7 symbols of a kind in the middle of the slot.
  • Silver Forged will create 12-19 symbols of a kind in the middle of the slot.
  • Gold Forged will create 20-37 symbols of a kind in the middle of the slot.
  • Odin: Protector of Realms – Odin’s ability Feature

Odin has three talents that you may use at any time during the game to help you discover your wins:

  1. Wisdom – The middle symbol will be updated with a higher-paid one just before one of the forged characteristics is triggered.
  2. Power – Odin’s power will assist you in neutralizing two separate symbols from the reels, reducing your chances of winning.
  3. Glory – With two or more Wild symbols on the reels, you’ll be able to replace symbols that don’t match.


There is no jackpot or free spins in this Scandinavian story, but there are so many other features that you won’t miss!

All of the features work well together and are incredibly dynamic, grabbing your attention and driving you to take action right away. Odin: Protector of Realms will assist you in collecting your winnings by collecting symbols.

Don’t put it off any longer; try this one-of-a-kind slot!

Odin: Protector of Realms Profile

Slot Varience - Medium



Release Date: 2021
Studio: Play n Go
Game Type: Video Slot
Reels: 7
Paylines: Cluster Pays
Stake Range: 0.20 - 100.00

Jackpot - 5,000x,


Odin Protector of Realms Logo

The RingMaster Feature, Forged Ring Feature, Odin’s ability feature

3.5 Play now

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