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Kings And Jewels

Kings and Jewels is a conventional slot game set against a caste setting with a middle-aged feel. The gems will enchant you and function as a mood booster, as well as an incentive to begin playing the game due to its volatility, so you can have your cake and eat it, too. Although the above says that you will win less frequently, the payouts will be larger when you do. Oryx Gaming created this game, which has 5 reels, 5 paylines, one free spin feature, and no deposit bonuses.

Kings And Jewels Slot Review

Where Can I Play Kings And Jewels Slot?

Regarding Kings and Jewels

Oryx Gaming has a large selection of games. It is the world’s top provider of Omni Channel Turnkey solutions, Games, and Lotteries, as well as a massive mobile and internet platform.

Players can place a minimum wager of C$0.05 and a maximum bet of C$100, with a potential winning sum of 3,000 times the investment.

Because there are just 5 ways to win in Kings and Jewels, it might be frustrating in terms of paylines. The graphics are good, as is the math model employed, but there isn’t much else to it than a traditional slot machine.


As previously said, the slot’s subject is tied to the Middle Ages, and it is designed in the ever-popular classic game type. As previously stated, the paytable is cryptic, with only five paying outcomes. The diamond symbol, the king, and a castle are all symbols found on the Kings and Jewels grid, and they all represent the high-paying portfolio. The clubs, spades, and hearts are examples of low-paying symbols.

Many other online slot games have a background soundtrack, but this game does not. This does not mean you can’t have fun and fully enjoy the rewards this game has to offer; as you press the play button, your party begins.

There are no extra features or bonuses in this game, however there are stacked symbols that boost the likelihood of forming combos over many lines.

Another feature worth noticing is the game’s basic user interface, which lets players to employ settings like rapid play, auto spin, and the opportunity to check the pay tables or the regulations they must obey.


There is a significant amount of  High volatility with an RTP of 96.11 percent. When it comes to payments, the maximum amount is 3000x the stake, which implies a total gain of up to C$20,000 is possible.

This game is quite basic, making it simple to play, and it does not take a large sum of money to place a wager, so you can start your journey with the kings going after the jewels with a small deposit.

Features and Gameplay

Although there are no features or extras to spice up the game, it provides a pleasing sense when played. Nonetheless, there is a payline that raises the bet to 3000x, allowing players to have a good time while trying their luck at winning money.

Payouts for Kings and Jewels

When it comes to rewards, the stakes in the game may reach as high as 3000x, which may assist to make this slot game more appealing to players.

There aren’t any scatters or bonuses in this game.

We’ve highlighted the maximum amount of the stake so many times in this post since it’s the game’s primary point, and it’s true, because the game doesn’t have any other extra features that may elevate players’ experience to a new level.

Because there are no scatters or bonuses in this game, it is really straightforward. So, if you’re a player who’s satisfied with the possibilities available at Kings and Jewels, feel free to try your luck and start spinning!


Kings and Jewels is a traditional slot game, which means it’s straightforward and straightforward. Although the game isn’t intended for everyone, those who want things to be basic and plain will love it. There are no extra features or bonuses, but there is a high degree of stake increase and a respectable maximum winning amount of C$20,000, which is not to be overlooked.

Kings And Jewels Profile

Slot Varience - High



Release Date: 2021
Studio: Oryx Gaming
Game Type: Video Slot
Reels: 5
Paylines: 5
Stake Range: 0.05 - 100.00

Jackpot - 3,000x


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Multiplier Feature

3.5 Play now

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