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Joker Strike

Joker Strike Slot Review

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Following Pied Piper and Northern Sky, Quickspin’s next 2018 release is a more grounded and straightforward slot — at least on the surface. But hold your horses, for Joker Strike is more than meets the eye.

This appears to be a standard 5-reel, 3-row, 10-payline slot with a nighttime Vegas backdrop. But take a look at the symbol wheel that surrounds the game. This feature activates after every winning spin and allows the player to earn even more money from the same spin.

When your winning line contains Joker Wilds, the Joker Strike feature improves even more since two wilds are added to the reels every Joker symbol in the outer reel – more on that later.

In this game, you may also activate the High Roller mode, which allows you to set up five spins with enhanced features such as extra wilds and higher symbol values.

You’ll almost likely enjoy this game if you enjoyed Quickspin’s Second Strike. But first, let’s learn a little more…


  • Joker Strike is a 5-reel, 3-row, 10-payline slot that pays out on paylines with identical symbols from left to right.
  • The action takes place against a backdrop of a Vegas or other city skyline in the game.
  • The symbols include traditional slot machine icons such as diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs, as well as higher-paying symbols such as stars, bells, fortunate 7s, and Jokers.
  • The highest earning symbol is the Joker, which pays 100x for five on a payline.
  • Keep an eye out for the Wild, which not only replaces all other symbols but may also result in large payouts of 30x for four on a payline.
  • After EVERY winning spin, the Joker Strike feature appears and adds additional of the winning symbols to the reels, doubling your winnings.
  • Joker Wild is a slot machine that can be played for C$0.10 to C$100 a spin and has a top payout of 1,211x on each spin.


So, let’s get started with the Joker Strike feature’s fundamentals.

The wheel of symbols that surrounds the reels will become active after each winning spin. The winning symbols on your winning payline will be highlighted.

A lit up square moves around the wheel during the segment. You’ve scored a STRIKE if it landed on one of your illuminated symbols. After that, more of these symbols are introduced to the reels, potentially forming further winning lines.

Even amazing are wins with Joker Wilds…

If the wheel comes to a halt on an illuminated Joker, TWO WILDS are added to your winning line for each joker! So, if you have three jokers on a payline, you’ll earn an extra SIX WILDS added to the reels.

It may appear difficult, but it isn’t – and there are some excellent extra winnings to be earned, especially with the Joker Wild symbol in play!


Don’t overlook the High Roller option.

You can play a sequence of FIVE spins here, with the following extra features:

  • For $20, you’ll get 5 SPINS and a GUARANTEED Joker Wild on the reels. Every spin, he moves clockwise around the reels.
  • For $30, you will receive 5 SPINS with a Joker Wild added to the reels, as well as additional Jokers in the outer wheel for the Strike feature.
  • 5 SPINS with an extra Joker Wild and Double extra Jokers in the outer reels for $50. As a result, you can DOUBLE your chances of winning!

PLUS The value of symbols increases in Hi Roller mode as well:

You get 200x your stake if you get 5 WILDS IN A PAYLINE (up from 100x in normal mode).


In reality, this is a very easy game with a nice feature that gives you more chances to win. Here are the greatest techniques to win in Joker Strike, in case you need a refresher.

High-Paying Symbols — As with any game, strive for the high-paying symbols – 100x for five Jokers in a row isn’t bad.
Joker Strike – The game’s only feature can get pretty tasty when your winning line is made up of Jokers – don’t forget you get TWO WILDS added to the reels for every Joker in the line if you STRIKE it.
Hi Roller Mode (High Roller): This is pretty expensive for just five spins, but remember, you’re adding not just extra Jokers, but enhanced values to the symbols. Think about it before you buy it though!
Always remember to play it safe and set your stake in proportion to your bankroll. This is a high variance game and it pays to be careful – it can eat your bankroll pretty quickly!
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In 2018, we especially appreciated Quickspin’s creations. The additions to their catalogue have been of excellent quality. Joker Strike is a simple affair in truth, but it has got a real kick to it – when the strike feature works for you there are some big extra win opportunities, particularly where the Joker symbols come into play. We’re not sold on the Hi Roller mode, but it’s certainly something only the biggest spenders should try.

If you’re a fan of high variance slot games and want to try something new, you can also take a look at King Kong Fury from NextGen or House of Doom from Play n Go.

Joker Strike Profile

Slot Varience - High



Release Date: 2018
Studio: Quickspin
Game Type: Video Slot
Reels: 5
Paylines: 10
Stake Range: 0.10 - 100.00

Jackpot -


Joker Strike logo

Joker Strike, Hi Roller Mode, Wilds

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