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Cash Noire

Detective Tom Flint stars in Cash Noire, a low variance LA criminal thriller slot. The goal is to uncover clues by landing symbols in the Crime Zone until the free spins round is unlocked. Then use the City Chase map to locate areas that will increase your win multiplier to 10x. The maximum payoff is 5,000x.

Cash Noire Slot Review

Where Can I Play Cash Noire Slot?


In June 2020, NetEnt will unveil Cash Noire, a game set in the sleazy, neon-lit world of backstreet crimes, damsels in distress, and private detectives. This is a slot game for the masses — it’s low-variance, low-stakes fun with a clean and gorgeous design and a plethora of clever, punchy small elements that will keep you smiling all the way through. The setting is evocative of a Raymond Chandler or James Ellroy novel set in Los Angeles, and the merging of a murder thriller with typical elements like Mystery Symbols and free spins is done masterfully. We’re used to evaluating the high-volatility mayhem generated by studios like BTG or Push Gaming at The Slot Buzz since that’s where our passion rests. So we were a little hesitant about this one. But, to our surprise, we thought NetEnt’s new slot was very cool, and it’s a game that might appeal to both casual and hard-core slot players. Continue reading to learn more.


Take a look at the screenshots to realize how nice this game is. The reelset is a standard 5×4, set in a darkly lit PI’s office, with a smoking Femme Fatale figure seated at a desk near to the window. The atmosphere is gloomy, with neon illumination from the reels and the outside. It makes a fantastic setting for our scenario, in which Detective Tom Flint is tasked with solving the murder and releasing the reward trove. To achieve so, he makes advantage of all of the game’s elements that lead up to the bonus round.

Playing cards, matches, a magnifying glass, daggers, revolvers, and a whisky tumbler are among the low-value reel symbols, while the femme fatale, a snake, and our hero the Detective are among the premium symbols. Mystery Symbols alter as they land, but there are no scatters. Instead, the game has its own storyline in which you must complete a series of events in order to receive the free spins. I’ll get to it in a minute.


Cash Noire is a game with a minimal volatility. This means a slower pace, more consistent payouts, but lesser sums. Despite the low values of the symbols in the paytable, the top reward is still an estimated 5,000x, which is something to aim for, albeit the chances are stacked against striking that jackpot! You must land three or more matching symbols on neighboring reels from left to right, regardless of position, to earn any prize. This implies there are 1,024 active paylines at any given moment. The RTP is set at 96.06 percent, and you may start spinning for as little as $0.20 per spin.


NetEnt has put a lot of effort into creating a plot for this game, and it’s really entertaining. There are several bonuses that activate at different times, culminating in the free spins round. It works like this:

The Avalanche triumphs.

First and foremost, this is a cascading winnings slot in the vein of Gonzo’s Quest. This implies that after each victory, all winning symbols are removed from the reels and new ones are added. If further victories are obtained, the procedure is repeated until no more wins are obtained.

The Clue List, Hot Spots, and Crime Zones

In the end, you want to find all 13 things on the Clue List to activate the free spins round. To accomplish so, you’ll need to rack up wins that include symbols that appear in the Crime Zone. Before each spin, this is a selection of three or more spots on the reels that are lighted up in red.

Symbols of Mystery

The symbol for the Bank Vault remains a mystery. During both the main game and the bonus round, it can morph into other random symbols from the paytable to produce winnings, much like a regular Mystery Symbol. If it lands in the Crime Zone, however, it will clone across each symbol area, resulting in a block of similar symbols and increasing your chances of winning.

Multipliers and Free Spins

To reach the free spins round, you must solve all of the puzzles. You’ll then be able to access the City Chase Map. The Crime Zone is crucial once again, because symbols that land inside it activate places on the map. Your win multiplier will grow by 1x when locations are activated, from a starting value of 1x. It is possible to get a maximum multiplier of 10x by opening all locations. When this occurs, the case concludes and three further spins are awarded.


Cash Noire may not have the high-risk thrills and spills that we’re used to, but it’s still a fun game to play. The story is one of the greatest we’ve seen in a slot game in a long time, and the artwork and characters are fantastic. Casual slot lovers will love it, and there’s enough of a hook for more experienced gamblers to appreciate it as well. As a result, we strongly advise everyone to give it a shot. And, as always, have fun and bet wisely if you do decide to play.

Cash Noire Profile

Slot Varience - Low



Release Date: 2020
Studio: NetEnt
Game Type: Video Slot
Reels: 5
Paylines: 1,024
Stake Range: Min 0.20

Jackpot - 5,000x


Avalanche Wins, Hotspots, Mystery Symbols, Crime Zone, Free Spins, Multipliers

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