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Agent Destiny

Agent Destiny is a high-variance secret agent slot from Play n Go, a Swedish company. It contains a number of unique elements that help to improve the gameplay in both the regular game and the free spins round. With each spin, the reels connect and advance across the screen, and 2×2 Mega Symbols increase the number of ways to win. The maximum payoff is in the range of 5,000x, with an RTP of 96.26 percent.

Agent Destiny Slot Review

Where Can I Play Agent Destiny Slot?


This year’s Play n Go production has been very pleasing to us at The Slot Buzz. We’ve seen some great stripped-down Vegas slots, as well as an addition to their rock series in the form of Annihilator slot, a thrash-metal game. In terms of quality, they’ve traditionally produced a truly mixed bag of games, with some amazing high-risk madness and others simply conventional slots fare. Agent Destiny, on the other hand, appears to fall into the former group, with a fantastic storyline and artwork, some unique gameplay in the linked reels, and a high volatility that will have your heart racing as you hunt down that top 5,000x jackpot. It all takes place in a cartoon universe of super-sleuths and super-heroes that looks a little like the Jack Hammer set from NetEnt’s game of the same name. In a nutshell, it appears to be really fantastic, so let’s dig in and discover what Play n Go has in store for us.


The artwork style is unlike anything we’ve seen previously from Play n Go, and it provides for a unique slot experience when you first load it up. The reel set, on the other hand, is a normal 5×3. The drawings of the characters and symbols on the reels complement the classic style of the backdrop. Agent Green, Agent Blue, and Agent Destiny are the story’s headliners, with lesser value cards ranging from 10 to Ace (the lady who gives the slot its title). A strange-looking scientist is also present. The top-paying symbol is Destiny, which pays 15 times for five on a payline. Payouts are given when three or more similar symbols appear on a line from left to right.

Keep an eye out for the wild symbols, which may substitute for any other symbol and can also appear in Colossal form.


Agent Destiny’s formula is quite basic for Play n Go slots. The RTP is a respectable 96.26 percent, yet the volatility is quite high in this game. While you might anticipate a respectable return on your investment, keep in mind that the winnings will come in quick bursts rather than the steady, gradual delivery that low to medium volatility slots provide. Use this knowledge while deciding on your investment, and be prepared to lose some money before scoring any huge profits. The maximum payment is 5,000x, which is fair but hardly outstanding in a period where payouts of 20,000x or more are usual.


Agent Destiny has a number of unique elements that appear often in the standard game to increase your chances of winning. They operate in the following manner.

Symbols with a Big Bang

Colossal symbols, sometimes known as Mega Symbols, are regular reel icons that have been enlarged to 2×2. They can emerge at any time, but they’re more likely to appear when two neighboring reels come together. Another aspect of the Agent Destiny slot is this. Having Mega Symbols visible on the reels can, of course, help you win more.

Reels That Connect

Linked reels appear in slots from time to time. When two adjacent reels with the identical symbols on each row lock together and spin, this is known as a lock. The connected reels in this game begin on the 4th and 5th, or 3rd, 4th, and 5th. When they occur, the connected reels are re-spun and one reel is moved to the left. Another similar reel may emerge on the right end of the set, increasing the win possibilities even further.

Bonus Spins

Landing three or more exceptional Wild Scatters on the first, second, and third reels will provide you with free spins. 9 spins are triggered when this happens. GUARANTEED linked reels at the start of the segment add to the excitement. Remember that there are Mega Symbols in the mix, so your odds of scoring wins at the top of the paytable are good. More spins will be added to your total if you land more wild scatters, with no limit to how long the round may be extended.


Agent Destiny belongs in the category of Play n Go’s most entertaining slots. It has a wonderful aesthetic and some extremely fun gameplay. There’s nothing new here, but the linked reels and Mega Symbols have been expertly combined with free spins to make the bonus round a tantalizing proposition. Agent Destiny will undoubtedly be worth a spin this summer for high varience aficionados who appreciate this label’s greatest output, and if she’s on your side, there’s a lot of promise here. If you’re new to volatile slots, you might want to practice a little in free play mode first. Have fun and bet wisely if you decide to play for real money.

Agent Destiny Profile

Slot Varience - High



Release Date: 2020
Studio: Play n Go
Game Type: Video Slot
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Stake Range: Min 0.10

Jackpot - 5,000x


Agent Destiny logo

Free Spins, Wilds, Mega Symbols, Linking Reels

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