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5 Trends in Online Gambling that are Expected to Stay

There’s a shift in online gambling trends, previously the major trendsetters were technological advancements. Technology is still a strong competitor, although its opposition changed and now includes major increases in regulations focused on safer and responsible gambling services via the use of technology combined with updated online gambling regulations. Which adds a huge positive to the continued growth of mobile gambling, use of cryptocurrency, virtual reality and successful partnerships.

Smartwatch Based Apps

Wearable technology steps in to ensure even more convenience and with the smartwatch market predicted to reach £33 billion, predictions have it that gambling will be one of the key components. Most likely AI and the use of voice recognition technology will play a more significant part in eSports, fantasy sports and sports betting.

Wearable technology is here to stay and smartwatches will revolutionize how iGaming operates, the gambling industry is ready to move towards smartwatch applications. Casino operators and developers focus on efficient and speedy applications to provide the most comfortable gambling services yet with optimization via smartwatch-compatible betting activities.

The concept of gambling on your wrist started in 2014 and was unveiled at the annual Mobile World Congress. Leading developers like Playtech and operators like Ladbrokes and Unibet create betting and gambling apps for Apple watches.

Growing of Regulated Markets

Positive growth in the online gambling market globally is one of the trends to stay, even more so since Covid-19 lockdowns turned more consumers towards online and mobile gambling. The demand for internet-based entertainment continues to increase since the closure of several land-based casinos. The rising online gambling trends include new interest in internet bingo, casino games, online slot games, sports betting, esports betting, and live dealer games.

Another major boost to the online gambling market is the 2018 Supreme Court ruling in the United States that legalized sports betting. Entain PLC announced the launch of the United States Gambling Responsibly America gaming app in 2021. The trustworthy app features an assist tool with educational resources to help players with any gambling questions or information.

The Government in the Netherlands proposed updates to outdated gambling laws in 2020 including fair gaming, and effective gambling addiction prevention available to over two million Dutch players. Sports betting fans have much to enjoy since Sky Betting now offers community betting features, the request a bet option enables players to set up a group bet with money added to a pool.

Cryptocurrency Gambling

The potential of cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin supplementing or even replacing fiat currencies is an indication of the huge change or shift in consumer habits. In some ways it could be conflicting, most players want two things from cryptocurrencies, speeding up the processing transactions of Ethereum, Bitcoin and others and enjoying fast payouts and anonymity. Crypto transactions are ideal and untraceable, while KYC and data-driven customer experiences are based on knowing the customer.

Bitcoin casino games continue to increase, and for some players, the biggest benefit is the prevention of sharing sensitive information online such as bank account or credit card numbers. There is also technology such as ad-blockers and anti-spyware creating a more accessible online gambling environment, for online gambling sites it could mean good business. However, it is against the new laws of major authorities such as the Canadian Government introducing law changes that focus on the prevention of anti-money laundering and underage gambling.

Game Developer Collaborations

After decades of competing against each other, online gambling game developer partnerships now fuel innovation. One of the main contributing facts part of the emerging trends in online gambling is partnership deals seeing both partners benefitting from games available at more gaming operators. It is not only one of the top online gambling trends that increase the online gaming variety at many online casinos. But also contributes to the variety of games and betting options available to players using online gambling apps and/or several online gambling platforms.

With online sports, predominantly football rising in online betting, such as the Canadian Football League and FIFA World Cup, many online betting companies now sponsor major sports teams. Apart from sponsorships, marketing initiatives and strategic expansions include merging and acquiring several companies. The acquisition between DraftKings and Golden Nugget, provided DraftKings with a combined database of over 5 million customers.

The combination of popular online games such as bingo and slots provides the gaming industry with new excitement offered by Slingo. Big Time Gaming and Relax Gaming partnered to add MegaWays™ to the finest online casinos and millions of players around the globe.

VR Gaming

The biggest and most exciting game-changer in the online casino gambling industry is virtual reality, more referred to as VR. Online gambling service providers look forward to providing a much more interactive online experience to casino game fans due to the enhanced technology part of virtual reality.

The online gambling industry’s success is based on the convenience players enjoy by playing from home or enjoying mobile gambling. Virtual reality in online gaming offers a realistic environment in which players have a real casino feel. Gambling service providers such as NextGen, Microgaming and NetEnt already offer VR-based gambling. AI is also hugely beneficial in micro betting since the volume of bets makes it extremely difficult to announce outcomes manually.

The LeoVegas Group announced a new AI-powered layer to their messaging system in September 2021, to scale up safer gambling. Canadian players were one of the first to experience onsite messages, individualized based on the player’s risk profile, and behaviour providing information and educating on safer gambling.

The world’s largest gambling companies might finally be able to make full use of artificial intelligence due to the advances part of VR technology. Virtual and augmented reality not only promises an exceptional gambling experience to players. But will assist service providers with the trend and data-based analytics to provide personalized customer services and better security via early detection of any fraudulent transactions. The AI-driven solutions by Shufti Pro include identity verification that detects fake online players and at the same time offers gambling platforms protection against fraud and prevent financial crimes.

Key Takeaways

Major players dominate the global casino market and focus on partnerships, acquisitions and mergers to expand their presence in the international market. The giants of the online gambling operators market compete across various factors, these range from brand equity, to gambling content quality, offerings, access to all platforms, and personalized payoffs.

Rulings by the MGA and other regulatory bodies tightened the laws to protect children and responsible gambling, it seems that AI could be the technology that steps in to prevent crime and fraud. A great positive in terms of major outcomes as far as online gambling trends go in 2022 is the use of technological advancements to provide players with a better, safer, more secure, age verified, responsible, fair and more enjoyable online casino experience.

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